Hi everyone!

Hey, I’m Seb!

One fine day, I was at home with nothing to do. I was too tired to go out and my friends weren’t doing anything anyway. As I pondered over ways to relieve my boredom and growing stir-craziness, I decided to start a blog to share my hobbies and thoughts with anyone interested. I love manga, anime and film, and if I had any real skill for coming up with complete storylines I’d have given becoming a writer a go (maybe I still will – who knows?). I do martial arts – although nothing specific. It’s a mix of martial arts involving Wing Chun and Tokitsu (mainly Tokitsu).


5 thoughts on “Hi everyone!”

  1. Damn, you beat me at martial arts O.O All the other stuff was the reason I made a blog too! I actually started with a film blog, but literally all my friends are working 24/7 and with a lot of bad luck at not finding a job this summer has been brutal, so I made an anime/manga blog.

    I must admit, blogging as been a very rewarding experience for me. Even though not many people have stumbled upon my site yet, I enjoy coming up with new topics and just getting what I have in my head out there for all to enjoy, or hate, either way I enjoy listening to both 🙂

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  2. Haha, I only won because I had an unfair advantage :D. My dad grew up in a rougher area of the country and due to his general circumstances became a pretty good fighter. A friend of mine is Japanese – in fact he is the guy that showed me my first anime (other than what was already on TV like Pokemon etc.) – and his dad does martial arts quite a lot – a small school called Tokitsu. Anyway they met up and then my dad started bringing me along to their training sessions.

    I haven’t done it properly in a while (a couple of years or so) apart from once every now and then because of a kind of bad growing-pain-type disorder called Osgood Schlatter’s or something. But it stops after I stop growing so I’ll be back in action soon 🙂 .

    It’s really cool that we started blogging for the same reasons haha. although you could say I didn’t get a job because I’m a little bit lazy haha :’) .

    What I did to get more traffic was basically read, comment and like articles on the WordPress Reader which was a lot of fun and helped introduce me to other blogs, and helped people get to know my blog too. Your articles are really well-written and you choose interesting topics. I’ve enjoyed reading them so far, so I’m confident that you’ll have a good following in no time 😉 if you do what I just showed you. Also link it up to your other social netwroks like I did – that helped quite a bit for me.


      1. Yeah it’s unfortunate but it’s hard for other people to understand it because they can’t feel it so they sort of just brush it off. It was similar for me too but when I finally persuaded my parents to take me to a physio I could finally convince them that the pains wuz real 🙂 .


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