No Game No Life anime review!!

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No Game No Life was recommended to me by a friend several months ago. When she described it to me (fairly poorly, to be fair) it sounded pretty generic to me. “Two main characters’ worlds are turned upside down and are literally transported to a different world, having to survive by winning games etc. etc.” But I have to say, this one really took me by surprise with how good it was. Nice surprises always make stuff so much better, don’t they? No Game No Life is the perfect anime to sit down and just chill out to or even watch with friends: it’s entertaining, funny and doesn’t ever try and get particularly serious. That isn’t to say it is an anime without flaws – far from it, actually.

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Anime Review: School Rumble! – 1st season, 2nd Semester and 3rd Semester OVA

As a fan of You Tube reviewer Black Critic guy, I had heard about School Rumble numerous times from him. After all, it is apparently his favourite show. I have waited for a while to do this review because, to be honest, I have never been more infuriated with a series – especially an ending to a series – in my life. As the three series (I say three but 3rd semester is more of a poor attempt at wrapping up the first two seasons with an ending, and so is more of a two episode OVA) have been released for a long time now, and so I was, I’ll admit, holed up in my house marathoning them all like a damned hermit crab for a week or two. But wait—! Before you go elsewhere and assume that this is just gonna be a rant, think again. I have waited all of this time to let the rage simmer down so I can review the series for its good and bad points with a cool head. Enjoy 😉 .

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