Psycho Pass!


Hey! Er… it’s been a while.  I’ve been kinda busy these last few weeks, and I’m gonna be busy for the next few weeks too. Thing is, I’m having exams about three or four weeks from now, so I’m probably gonna be a little inconsistent with my posts for the next month or so. Sorry peeps 😉

Anyway, now for the review!

I’ll be reviewing Psycho Pass this weekend. And no, not the second one too. I’ll just be reviewing season one because the second season doesn’t really add anything new to the overall plot.

In a future Japan, the country is governed, people’s job are given, people are judged and their minds are assessed by the new Sybil system, a computer-based AI system. However, as level-headed rookie Akane finds out, the Sybil system is not without its flaws, and things escalate as Akane and her team must solve a series of perculiar crimes happening around the city, and they are constantly being forced to ask themselves whether the system really works. Yeah, it’s pretty difficult to describe so you may want to look up a better description on MAL.

Okay, first off I just want to say the the animation was some of the best that I have ever seen. The studio that did the animation, Production IG, did a hell of a job here. Everything, from the fight scenes to the backgrounds to the special effects, was great, and I really can’t fault much. I really loved the way they choreographed the fights in this anime. The way the characters moved was realistic and believable, and they still managed to fit in some epic hand-to-hand combat in there.

I can’t fault the soundtrack too much either. It had a really fast-paced electro-ey vibe which got the blood going during the action scenes. The openings were pretty cool (especially the second one), but the endings were the tracks that really shone.

Honestly, though, I reaaaally wished they didn’t change to the second ending. Why? Don’t get me wrong, the second one was a really good song, but I felt that the first ending fit the tone of the ending of the actual episodes much better because it was fast paced and gave you a real rush after everything that had happened.

Characters and story
I’m gonna skip the intros for this one. There are five or so main characters and one main villain, and long story short, I loved all of them. There are also too many to write about that are important to the overall plot. Consequently, if I were to write about one I would have to write about them all. They were all fleshed out nicely in their own ways and I wasn’t dissatisfied with any of them. They were all different and the main characters were relatable and understandable given their backstories that shaped the people they are now.

The only thing that was lacking, though, was some kind of backstory development on the side characters, namely Shion and Shuusei. And the villain of the story, Shogo Makishima, one of my favourite villains in anime, remained a mystery right until the end. I really liked this character and I would have loved to know more about him.

The story was told pretty well and takes a sort of cat-and-mouse style mystery/thriller style of plot. It was fun to watch and I can’t say I got bored at any point during the series. It was gripping to watch some of the choices that characters made throughout the series and see how they developed and constantly  reevaluated the Sybil system, pondering over whether it was really working or benefited the people like it appeared to.

Anyway, in conclusion I have no reason to tell you not to watch this anime. One thing to note is that it is very adult, so those from a younger audience should definitely steer clear of this one. I only say that because there are a few scenes scattered through the anime that range from mostly violent mureder to, in the first episode, rape. Other than that, it’s a great anime with good pacing, fleshed out and balanced characters and fantastic animation and sound. I gove Psycho Pass a:

8/10 for characters
8/10 for story
9/10 for art and animation
8/10 for soundtrack

and a 9/10 for my personal enjoyment.

Hope you enjoyed this review, and, again, apologies for possible going off-schedule in the coming weeks.

I don’t own the pictures used in this post. All rights go to their respective owners. Please help support the official release.


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