Fan art Sunda- I mean Friday! Pulp Fiction X Psycho Pass

Hi guys, I know I’ve been a little off schedule recently but like I said I’m still a novice. This segment’s just for fun so I hope you weren’t expecting a  million dollar painting. Anyways here you go.

PS: I ran into some technical problems at the end so I couldn’t do much smothing for the image. Sorry about that guys.

pulp fiction psychopass


Anime review – Terror in resonance – ‘it could have been perfect’

terror in resonance

Overall enjoyment – 9/10

So the day before yesterday I finished watching Zankyou no Terror, and what a finale that was! I mean it when I say that this anime could have been an easy 10/10 for me if the writers hadn’t cocked up the story so much, or rather not explained it properly.

But we’ll get to that later.

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Well this is a little awkward.

First of all I’d like to thank you all for the positive response that my anouncement post got last week. I wrote that post while all caught up in a moment of excitement because my exams had finished that week so I was excited about the fact that I could now put more time into my hobbies, this being a major one of them. The trouble is, it may take a while for me to adjust to this new schedule. This is due to a number of reasons.  First of all, though, the reason for this post is to let you all know that sadly my first fan art post is going to be a couple of days late.

1- I’m still at school. Even though my college exams are over, I still go to school for another week. This obviously takes a huge chunk out of my day, espicially due to the hour of travel each way.

2- I’m by no means experienced in drawing and I have never really used a graphics tablet before. It sounds stupid but I didn’t realise the learning curve of drawing digitally 😛 . Hence why the fan art this week is going to be a little late.

3- This week has been particularly busy. I’ve been developing the website for my dad’s business for the last week or so (another thing I’m new to), which is obviously one of my top priorities, because, let’s face it, family matters are more important than most things :). It should be complete by next week though.

4- This might come off as a little selfish and I don’t want to seem like I’m neglecting my blog, but since the exams are over now, my friends at college are hanging out quite a lot, so I’ve been spending time with them.

5- Finally, it’s that time in life where I have to organise my life plan and choose a course for university, and I’m the one of those people whoreally  has no idea of what they want to do in the future XO.

So yeah, I may have had bit off a little more than I could chew when I announced two new scheduled segments amongst other things. All I can say is that it may take around two weeks or so to get into the swing of things. Thanks for reading, and again the fan art will be released on Sunday now whilst the weekly review will be released Saturday, so I hope you enjoy them :).

Anime half-season review: Durarara X2 Shou – chapter 1

durarara x2 shou

As of watching season 1 of Durarara I became a huge fan of the franchise and I could not wait to see a new series to emerge, but it was never exactly guaranteed, which alone had me periodically checking for news on a season 2 every four months or so xD. So anyway, when I finally heard about the announcement on X2 Shou I was excstatic but this feeling was closely followed by apprehension. What if it didn’t live up to the first season? What if it lost its original charm? There was so much that I had to love season 1 for, including the unique and quirky characters, good characterisation Shizuo and Izaya’s epic fights and just the truly satisfying moments where karma finally acts on certain characters (if you know what I mean) that really made the franchise stand out from the rest. So, with all that said, how has X2 Shou measured up so far?

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Announcemments + new segments :)

Hey guys.

It’s been about a couple of weeks since my last post but my exams finally finished on Tuesday and I can finally return to my usual schedule – which is actually having some small changes made to it. I’m adding a new segment or two, and I still may do the odd bonus review every week if I feel like it.

First, I realised that I originally started this blog to get some conversations going amongst fans. The community here is so much less aggressive than elsewhere from what I’ve seen so it would be fun to get you guys’ opinions on various stuff.

Fridays – The first new segment is Fan Art Friday. So recently I bought a new graphics tablet and thought I could do a particular piece for you guys each week. I’d really appreciate you guys also sending me your fan art too to show off in the segment 🙂

Third, I think I’m going to start doing seperate spoiler free reeviews as well as reviews including spoilers so I can get into the meat of what I thought of a show, but also have a review which suits someone who hasn’t read the show yet and is finding out about what other people think of it.

Finally, whenever I do manga reviews they’ll come out on Tuesdays

Anyway folks, that’s it from me. I’ll be doing a half-season review of Durarara x2 tomorrow so you can look forward to that 🙂 .

Anime review: Barakamon

Overall enjoyment rating: 9/10
Would reccommend to anime watchers and non-anime watchers alike!

The short-fused calligrapher, Handa, punches an aged, crippled gallery owner in the face and is ‘sent’ (exiled) to a small island to cool off and mature a little as a person. Having never been outside of the city before he has no idea what this countryside island will be like. The people are chummy and intrusive, kids constantly pester him and we watch in hysterics as Handa tries to adapt to his new temporary home.

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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU anime review

When Hikigaya Hachimann submits a pretty depressing essay concerning the truth about what ‘youth’ is, his teacher decides that Hachimann needs some kind of character building to take place to restore his image of the human race and life in general. Here, he meets Yukino Yukinoshita and is forced to join the Service Club to help people and, hopefully, change a little to become a more open and sociable person.

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