Announcemments + new segments :)

Hey guys.

It’s been about a couple of weeks since my last post but my exams finally finished on Tuesday and I can finally return to my usual schedule – which is actually having some small changes made to it. I’m adding a new segment or two, and I still may do the odd bonus review every week if I feel like it.

First, I realised that I originally started this blog to get some conversations going amongst fans. The community here is so much less aggressive than elsewhere from what I’ve seen so it would be fun to get you guys’ opinions on various stuff.

Fridays – The first new segment is Fan Art Friday. So recently I bought a new graphics tablet and thought I could do a particular piece for you guys each week. I’d really appreciate you guys also sending me your fan art too to show off in the segment 🙂

Third, I think I’m going to start doing seperate spoiler free reeviews as well as reviews including spoilers so I can get into the meat of what I thought of a show, but also have a review which suits someone who hasn’t read the show yet and is finding out about what other people think of it.

Finally, whenever I do manga reviews they’ll come out on Tuesdays

Anyway folks, that’s it from me. I’ll be doing a half-season review of Durarara x2 tomorrow so you can look forward to that 🙂 .


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