Discussion post: An anime that means a lot to you?

Hi guys, just something I was thinking about over the last few days when considering buying a few series of anime for the first time as a hard copy (I’ve always streamed).


What’s an anime that means something to you or connected to you in some way. For me, this anime would most likely be Welcome to the NHK. At the time of watching this anime, I had minor social anxiety that I dealt with every day. This went away when I grew a little older but it was pretty terrible to live with. To put it simply it was a feeling like being ill where I was self-conscious to the point of feeling slightly withdrawn from the world around me, blocked out by some kind of shell. Whenever I spoke or did anything I felt vulnerable, like everyone would judge me for it. The result was I ended up doing very little in life. I avoided talking to people I didn’t know very well and this just made things worse. The problem was this led to depression and I ended up wasting a good few years of my life mourning all the lost time that I could be spending making friends with other people, which in turn wasted more time. Ironic, right :).

I remember being upset that nothing was happening in my life but the truth was that you need to DO SOMETHING yourself in order for things to happen. Events and good things donโ€™t just fall into your lap, and this is what Welcome to the NHK taught me and helped me get over this slump and improve my life in general. Because once I started engaging more with the world around me I felt more positive about myself because I wasn’t wasting time moping around anymore.

Welcome to the NHK is a hilarious anime about a guy called Tatsuhiro who is a hikikomori. In other words, he suffers from an extreme level of social anxiety which causes him to be a shut-in who rarely leaves his home. The story was actually written by an ex-hikikomori and I could really tell because the show illustrated so perfectly what it was like to be someone with any level of social anxiety.

K, so that was a little deep but I’m interested to see what anime connected to you and why. It doesn’t have to be depressing either lol ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wrote this on a whim seeing as I wanted to start discussion posts with you guys. So yeah, feel free to comment your anime in the description below. See you tomorrow for the fan art post :D.

I own none of the above pictures. All rights go to the respective owners. Please support the official release ๐Ÿ™‚ .


5 thoughts on “Discussion post: An anime that means a lot to you?”

    1. Wow I might actually go watch that then? I’ve been putting it off for a while because I thought it was pretty much just a battle anime and couldn’t quite get past the fact that one dude was blocking bullets (i think) with a chain, but everyone keeps saying good things about it ๐Ÿ˜€ .
      Have you seen welcome to the nhk?


      1. Oh Hunter x Hunter is so much more than a battle anime, in fact the battle is mostly just on the side. It’s mostly about pure adventure and the innocense of childhood as you grow up. This series has the best character development in any Shonen I’ve eve seen, and it has arguably one of the best arcs in all of Shonen. (Even the side characters are fleshed out more than main characters in Shonen). So yes, it’s a thrilling ride that will twist your emotions by the end of it.

        As for Welcome to the NHK I’ve seen 7 episodes I think. I remember a lot of people recommending it and relating to it, but in those 7 episodes I really had to push myself to watch the next one so I ended up dropping it.

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        1. Wow hunter x hunter sounds right up my street :0 . Thanks for the recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚ .
          That’s fair enough though – if an anime doesn’t clock with you it just doesn’t click :).


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