“Clannad” is the Best Shounen Ever

A funny little rendition of clannad and clannad after story.
One part is a little offensive but overall a hilarious read!



Ok. I got this. I understand everything now.

Clannad tells the story of Okazaki Tomoya, a dead high school student whose soul is put into a robot and sent out to a distant planet in an alternate, high frame rate reality to comfort a young, lonely girl, who is forever trapped in a gigantic field of light bulbs. These light bulbs represent happy memories of the past, and these memories are what make up the story of Clannad.

The first of these light bulb memories recounts the story of Fuko, an emo loli in a mental institution. One day, the doctors find her cutting her wrists while she is making thousands upon thousands of wooden carvings of starfish as a sacrifice to her imaginary god, the Great Starfish Heat. She looses an immense amount of blood and enters into a coma. Her spirit lingers around the school that our protagonist…

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