The Void, and how to overcome it.

the void
The void is a dark place…..

You’ve just finished watching the final episode of Clannad After Story. Emotions are running high, and you’re still soaking up the mad feels. After about five minutes of feel-bathing, you go to move your mouse cursor to the ‘X’ symbol in the top corner, but you hesitate for a second. I mean, it’s ‘over’, sure but… is it really over over? Can you deal with that? You’ve just been on the emotional, nostalgia-filled rollercoaster of your life; you can’t simply just go back to the real world like nothing ever happened. Then it finally hits you.

Soon, feelings of depression and a lack of motivation to do – well – anything, take over and you’re reduced to a zombie, listening to the Clannad OST on repeat and doing thorough searches on the internet to research a show that can help fill this void fast before you shrivel up and die from feel-loss.

Any seasoned anime fan will have experience this many times, and even worked out their own system to overcome this hopeless and dark place of dispair. But what if you haven’t been there yet?

If only there was a simple, two-step way to fill this void more quickly before it reduces you to a sad mess. If only there was a way… to stop it in its tracks. Oh, look!

First: Let yourself down softly

You need time to mourn and remember all the wonderful things that the anime taught you. Again, listen to the soundtrack, maybe watch a few AMV’s or ‘best moments’ videos, Remenisce with others in the online community so you can all cry together at the end of a great series. That way, you can let go in your own time.

Then: Find something new

So you’ve completed step one, and it’s softened the blow. But something is still missing. Well, what is there to do other than find something new? There’s nothing better to seal away the empty feeling inside than to distract yourself with a new series and revive the feel ducts with new feels or a fresh new vibe.

A word of warning though. You can only get  so many anime that will give you so much of an emotional high, so don’t go down this road for too long or else you’ll run out of anime to watch to fill the void within and subsequently go insane.

See ya 🙂

PS This post was just something I wrote on a whim – sorry if it was a little random 😛

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12 thoughts on “The Void, and how to overcome it.”

  1. I finished the anime I was currently watching. My final thought was “That’s it. You end it here, when so much went down on the last episode.” But then again, they say there is going to be another season. So I am a little satisfied that it continues, but now I have to wait…

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      1. Oh man, I was left confused at the end, and I wanted to know more. So I tried reading the manga, but then I gave up. I was like screw it, I’ll just wait until the next season is out.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Same – I tried the manga of it but I just couldn’t enjoy it because of the art style and the fact that I couldn’t watch the main characters fly through the air on their 3d manoeuvre gear. I don’t know it just want the same :’0.

          Oh well season 2 got announced so I’m feeling better now B).

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