Tekkonkinkreet – The Minotour

And so, finally I can present to you my first ever ‘proper’ illustration, done using a nifty little program called Krita. It’s the Mitnotour from Tekkonkinkreet, a pretty cool character. If you haven’t seen it, then see it. It has mystery, lots of suspense, a feeling of nostalgia and inertia and a deep and layered plot involving change, moving on and a plethora of other themes.

Krita, the program I used to create this, is free and open-source, so if you, too, like to do your artwork on the computer then I highly reccommend this program as an alternative to programs like photoshop or Manga Studio. They all have their merits but this program is a nice all-rounder – one of the best that £0 can buy you :). It works with major graphics tablets like Wacom and my Huion H610 Pro, and is pretty powerful so you can do a fair bit on there.

minotour png


5 thoughts on “Tekkonkinkreet – The Minotour”

    1. Hahaha thanks a lot 😀 I’m really not that great I’m still a beginner-ish. Now its the summer holidays I can put more effort into drawing and stuff 🙂

      I’m sticking to a graphics tablet connected to my PC and it took a pretty long time to get used to but it’s worth it with the options that drawing and painting programs offer.

      Thanks again :)! If your interested in getting into using graphics pads too then I’d advise getting the Huion H610 Pro (the one I have) because it is probably the best match between price and quality because it actually rivals the higher end wacom tablets for only £60 (sorry for the long paragraph haha).

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      1. I have a friend who draw anime stuff just like you and she’s sooooo darn good also! I think I can’t do the graphic tablet thingy haha. I find it hard to draw on paper, what more if I draw in a graphic pad. That’s hard! So, I admire your talent! Graphic artists rock! Keep on! *thumbs up*

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