Announcement: Seb begins the 30 day anime challenge (not in 30 days)!

Hi people,  first of all I apologise for the lack of anime reviews on the last couple of weeks. It’s funny, but despite me having all of this free time I’ve also been feeling a little demotivated for doing anime reviews.
In fact, I have actually been enjoying doing discussion-style posts more so ill be concentrating more on these.

So I decided to start the 30 day anime challenge to talk some more about anime that I like in more of a duscussiony way, which as I said I’m enjoying writing about more at the moment. I really can’t promise that this’ll be over within 30 days though 🙂 .

For those who don’t know, the challenge is a 30 part challenge that asks you an anime related question with each part, e.g. favourite male character,  favorite mecha anime  (which I’m screwed for seeing as I don’t watch mechas) etc.

So you can expect a post later today to start off the challenge.  The subject is: the first anime I ever watched.
Look forward to it!


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