The best anime I have watched so far (30 Day Anime Challenge Day 2)

This one is tough because there are a lot of anime that I have watched and enjoyed the hell out of over the time I’ve been watching it.  So I think I’ll just give a couple of honourable mentions instead. Why? Well in the coming days of the 30 Day Anime Challenge I’ll have plenty of opportunities to detail all of these favourites when their turn comes 🙂 .

One of these would be tekkonkinkreet, a film which is on the surface about two boys dealing with the new foreign powers entering their beloved city, the change this brings and the threat towards themselves – but which is about a lot of different themes including change,  family etc.. You may have noticed me talk about this a fair amount actually which is why it might not surprise you that it found itself here. In fact, the previous fan art post that I made was of a character from this anime movie where I detailed what I enjoyed about this film.

It’s deep, has a diverse and well-characterised cast with nicely layered subplots to accompany the overall plot. The character stories are all well done and I felt a real sense of nostalgia and inertia with the two main characters’ story. The protagonists were so easy to sympathise with and understand and I got attached to them pretty quickly.

Another of the best anime that I have ever seen has got to be Anohana, a series about a boy who has to help the host of his old friend/girl he liked pass on by bringing together his old group of friends who have grown distant since said ghost friend’s mysterious death.

This is a fantastic anime that in my opinion set the benchmark for character drama. The character interactions, relationships and the overall developments  between and within characters as they face their problems and past which tore the group apart weer executed to extremely well. I found myself feeling a werid feeling of nostalgia as they hung out together and did the kinds of things I used to do as a kid, like playing Pokemon together and going exploring, which made me feel comfortably immersed in this world. On top of that the anime really knew how to bring the feels home and I can guarantee that a lot of you will tear up during the last few episodes.


Basically, WATCH IT if you haven”t done so already.

So that’s all for today. Sorry it’s late, but I happened to be totally zapped out today after not geting to sleep last night. I was actually on holiday in Edinburgh for the last few days – the downside is I find it kinda difficult to settle down in hotel bedrooms because I’m not used to it and stuff haha. So yeah looks like I just didn’t sleep at all! On the upside I got to see the sunrise drench everything in gold, which is always nice.

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