Kenji Harima and Mephisto Pheles – My Favourite Male Anime Character (30 Day Anime Challenge Day 3)

I’m giving this title to two different anime characters who are pretty much exact opposites but each have their own merits.

Best Man No. 1: Harima Kenji (School Rumble)


Although School Rumble was, for me, a huge let down due to both its ending and constant teasing to give me the impression that there were going to be romantic plot developments when SPOILER ALERT there fucking weren’t (seriously I marathoned over fifty episodes just to see nothing happen), the one character who I was able to love and root for throughout was this guy – Harima Kenji.

Harima defines both good characterisation and character development. He was well founded and made a transformation throughout the series’ from a violent delinquent to a genuinely stand-out guy. He was funny, likeable and relatable to me and probably most guys at the very least.

Best Man No.2: Mephisto Pheles (Blue Exorcist)


Joint with Kenji Harima is he who could be considered Harima’s ploar opposite – Mephisto Pheles form Blue Exorcist. A powerful son of Satan who has left the demon world to live in the human world which he finds far more interesting, Mephisto Pheles is a brilliantly mischevous and entertaining character. He’s such a suave and smooth character and you can’t help admiring his childishly arrogant, anarchic and playful attitude to life. He has a similar charm to the Joker as played by Heith Ledger in the Dark Knight in this way, because his mood is almost contagious. He lives to have fun, cause chaos and enjoy the show, the ‘enjoying the show’ being watching the chaos of other people’s lives that he might inadvertantly have played a part in.

Just an aside, serious props to the person who made the illustration of mephisto above. It depicts his character really in my opinion. I’ve left the link to the original in the image itself so be sure to check out their deviant art profile and stuff.

I don’t own the images used in this post. Please support the official relaease of the animes mentioned.


5 thoughts on “Kenji Harima and Mephisto Pheles – My Favourite Male Anime Character (30 Day Anime Challenge Day 3)”

        1. At the start i also wanted him to end up with Tenma, but I guess I started rooting for yakumo (Tenma’s sister). Who can blame us, she’s perfect lol. Plus shevwad always helping him out and stuff too.

          And then of course I sorta started to ship Harima getting together with the Swedish girl though. I dunno I just liked the chemistry between them :). I think I also clicked with the Swedish girl’s character more too.

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