Balalaika – best female anime character (30 Day Anime Challenge #4)

I had some trouble remembering any amazing female anime characters actually. There were a few I liked, but yeah – probably because most of the anime I’ve watched have male leads. There’s probably gotta be a post about that somewhere haha. Anyway, for this I wanted to think up a character that I was really entertained by/that I liked but that’s well written and we’ll – founded too. Anyway, let’s get on  with it shall we? Balalaika  (Black Lagoon) Balalaika takes strong independent woman to such a level that Beyonce sorta just gets left behind. One thing I liked about black lagoon is that it doesn’t depict women as helpless, overly polite and unusually kind; or if not then just bitchy and annoying as they are in a lot of anime out there. I don’t have a problem per say with  this depiction but there just isn’t such an abundance of these two character tropes out there. All the female characters in black lagoon are charming and likeable in their own ways, but the character that stood out to me the most would be Balalaika for sure. She’s strong, intelligent and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Her and her defected Russian army rule the crime-ridden city of Roanapur and this is made clear at various points throughout the two series. She hasn’t even a scrap of sympathy or empathy for other people, and she really doesn’t care. I mean what would you expect – she runs the Russian mafia. She’s well written because she’s a steadfast character and doesn’t ever show weakness. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.  Expect Day 5 tomorrow 😉 .


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