Dusk Maiden of Amnesia – an anime I want to see but haven’t yet (30 Day Anime Challenge Day 6)


Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is an anime that I have wanted to watch for some time now. I read the manga and whilst the ending was a bit of a cop-out (and so too for the anime I hear), Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a beautiful romantic comedy for the romance and character drama that the series had. It also has one of my favourite female anime characters in it – Yuuko Kanoe, who’s for sure going to be appearing on ‘Day 7 – My Anime Crush’ :’) . She’s beautiful, kind, playful and a very (emotionally and mentally) strong and loving person. That’s right – she’s pretty much perfect haha xD.

For those of you who don’t already know what Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is, here’s part of a description from MAL:
Sixty years ago, a young woman was left to die in the abandoned school building behind the exclusive Seikyou Academy. No one knows why. No one knows how. But the horrifying tale and the legends of the ghostly haunting that followed live on to this day. Perhaps it’s not so surprising then, that among Seikyou’s many school clubs is one for students interested in “paranormal investigations.” What might raise more than a few hairs, however, is that the founder of the club is the ghost herself. Unable to remember how she died and trapped in the grey land between life and death, Yuuko latches onto Teiichi Niiya, a freshman who can inexplicably see her, and together they and the other unsuspecting members of the club begin to unravel the many dark mysteries that surround Seikyou.

The story focuses on Teiichi and Yuuko’s relationship as they start to uncover her hidden past and reveal the secrets behind the Seven Mysteries one by one.

yuuko and teiichi

As I said, I really enjoyed this manga – again, apart from the cop-out ending. So why do I want to watch the anime? There’s something about anime which brings across a sense of atmosphere which helps bring across the emotion and drama in a scene really well. Hell, the reason why Ano Hana is one of my favourite anime of all time has great atmosphere, and by the end of it you’re sitting there in a puddle of tears trying to think of ways to regain any sense of masculinity you might have had before watching it. It helps me get absorbed into what I’m watching a lot more, and after watching a couple of episodes and having listened to the gorgeous song ‘Requiem‘ possibly about fifty times or more since I first heard it about a year ago, I can’t help but feel that Dusk Maiden of Amnesia would make a gorgeous anime because it’s very dramatic and very emotional – an anime of this would have a fantastic atmosphere to it.

I’m skipping Day 5 because I haven’t realy watched any anime I’m ashamed that I enjoyed, but I’m leaving it on the index anyway so I can fill it in when I do 🙂 .

As always I hope you enjoyed this post, and it was a pleasure to write. I love the 30 Day Anime Challenge because it’s always a pleasure to tell you about myself through my opinions on various anime in the way that the Challenge asks trhough its questions. Stay tuned for Day 8.


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