My Favourite Anime Couple – The 30 Day Anime Challenge continues! (Day 8)

Hello everyone, it’s been a while! Why? Well: you know how it is working at a magazine – people screaming across the table and waving pieces of paper at each other above their heads like madmen. Just kidding – I actually got there at the start of the week right after the previous issue had been released. Anyway, this ain’t no work experience blog, so let’s get down to business! Here’s a clue…

*Ahem*: Drumroll please.


Who else can seriously top Isaac and Miria from Baccano, seriously :’).  These two characters are possibly the only couple I can think of which have a chemistry as strong as they do. These two were an absolute laugh to watch because they just bounced off each other so fluidly and so well that you can’t help enjoying watching them having fun and living life to the full. They are charismatic.

baccano IsaacMiria05Isaac_4

Most couples in anime I kinda ship because that’s the way the story goes or the characters work pretty well with each other, but never to the level of these two. Isaac and Miria are the couples’ king! Even if I didn’t enjoy Baccano that much, I’m glad I watched it just to be able to see these two go on their shenanigans together :’) .

Regarding what I said earlier, do you think that there are any anime couples that deserve as much praise as this one? What’s your favourite anime couple: I’m interested to know 😉 .


Anyway, see you next time, folks, and I hope you enjoyed reading. To catch up on the rest of the 30 Day anime challenge, click here.

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