Kira -Best Anime Villain (30 Day Anime Challenge #9)

Hi people – I hate to keep on apologising every time I go completetly quiet for a week or so. I still haven’t got around to doing reviews wither and I apologise for both of these things. I’ve been having motivation issues recently plus my family keeps deciding to go on bloody holiday X’D (not that I don’t love it but it does break up any semblence of a schedule that I have going at home lol).  My results also came out the other day and I got relatively sub-par results so my dad wants me to retake a bunch of exams…

You done? No? Okay.

Yeah, so basically I’m trying to adjust to the amount of time I have left in the holiday with hobbies (I started learning the piano recently – thanks a lot Your Lie in April and Kids on the Slope xD), seeing people, visiting family, going on holiday and now revising for next year and the subjects from last year that I’m going to retake.

Jesus Christ. Hurry up or I’ll break you.


for this little segment I had a little trouble coming up with who to select for my favourite villain. But one absolutely dispicable, amoral, selfish bastard of a villain that should come to most minds is Kira, or Light Yagami, from Death Note.

Disclaimer: I never finished this story but I know pretty much what happens from spoilers plastered over the internet. Why? Put simply, Light Yagami was simply too dispicable to watch. I couldn’t just sit there and let him treat everyone – even his own family – as his pawns.I couldn’t take the fact that he treated his father and sister the way he did even though they cared for him so much and treated him well. It just didn’t sit right with me.


It’s funny, because at the start, I – and probably a lot of readers – was rooting for him. He was doing something for the good of society, and probably saving a lot of money for the countries that would have had to put these criminals in jail. Not only that, but it wasn’t like he was just murdering people everywhere for no aparent reason, either.

I know it’s just a story but there are a lot of films that I stop watching too where I find it too painful and depressing to watch. It’s because I like to get really into a story to experience it to the full.  And when you get a series as well-written as Death Note, I can’t help getting so invested in it xD .

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow to compensate for all this time I have been absent from the blogoverse (just made that up, so don’t try and call me out for it ;D ).

See ya 🙂 .

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3 thoughts on “Kira -Best Anime Villain (30 Day Anime Challenge #9)”

  1. Blogoverse?……..LOVE IT!!!

    Anywho, everybody’s been bitten by that nasty motivational bug, I have a tough time with it too. As for Light as best Villain YES! I think a lot of people would try and prove he’s an anti-hero, but what I see is a tragic tail of someone slowly turning into the villain, I say this because the best villains are ones who are absolutely sure that their path is the best, and that’s Light in a nut shell XD It was also very rewarding and fresh to watch the villain be a main character for a change.

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  2. Haha yeah, like the couples one, Light was probably the only villain who I regard as an excellent villain, simply because of the development and focus we got to see in him as the main character of the series. As you said, Death Note is something I would also regard as a tragedy about Light’s descent into madness xD and the fact that he was the MC helped us understand his character to a level that we don’t see in other villains, simply because they aren’t the main character.
    By the way, your blog’s looking great! Loads of interesting articles that I’m gonna have to take some time out to enjoy 😉 .


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