5 Centimeters Per Second – Saddest Anime Scene Ever (30 Day Anime Challenge #12)


Just writing this post made me sad. 5 Centimeters Per Second is the most heart-wrenching, depressing films that I have ever watched, but also one of the best I have ever watched in my entire life. Makoto Shinkai (writer and director, among other positions) is a master of human emotions and immerses you in one hell of a story, which I’m finding it very hard to talk about without spoiling the story, which I can’t really do if I want you guys to experience this masterpiece for yourselves.

All I can say is 5 Centimeters Per Second is about time, and tough life circumstances which get in the way of the things we love and the people we love, and how these circumstances affect us, andhow we are affected by the unwavering and relentless passing of time. There are some incredibly important life lessons in this film and I sincerely want you all to watch it.


If a story’s not enough, watch it for some of the best art you’ve seen in an anime, or any media, in your life. The manga is a great read to accompany the film. In fact, I would say it is essential because the mangaka was able to flesh out the story far more than Shinkai did. WATCH IN ENGLISH SUBS BECAUSE THE FEELS ARE LIKE 100X MORE< PLUS THEY MISS OUT SOME FANTASTIC DIALOGUE IN THE END.

I know I haven’t told you about the actual scene yet, but it’s hard to do that for this film without spoilers.

Bring tissues. Thank me later.


I don’t own the images used in this post. Please support the official release. If you have any sense, you’ll do so in Blu-Ray.


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