5 Centimeters Per Second, among others – (Top 3) Anime With The Best Animation (30 Day Anime Challenge #16)

This is always a fun topic for me. When watching an animated piece the quality of animation can affect the story in more ways than just being pleasing to the eye. The animation in an anime is incredibly important because anime is art and it needs to express itself. Good animation represents the story it is telling and the themes it presents us with, and/or simply matching the mood. So it naturally includes good artwork and style. Don’t get me wrong though, being pleasing to the eye is incredibly important in itself simply for allowing us to be immersed in the story.

So for this post I picked out some of the anime with my favourite animation in them taking the above factors into consideration.

Attack on Titan

levi badass
Whew, almost forgot this one. Attack on titan brings itself to life with its animation to the point where I felt like I was right there with Eren and his buddies. Whether riding on horseback or soaring through the sky, watching this series was absolutely thrilling to watch.

Psycho Pass

psycho pass aniA dark but fast-paced anime, Psycho Pass is an anime that had excellent and fluid animation, with well-choreographed, believable fight scenes which were a joy to watch. Production IG is one animation house you really can’t fault, from the lighting to the elements to visual effects. The animation matched the tone of the story and the world that they live in, both looking cool and futuristic but gritty when it needs to be.

5 Centimeters Per Second

5-Centimeters-Per-Second-3I have a habit of repeating the same anime in this blog, don’t I? Can’t be helped. I haven’t watched an insane amount of anime, and since this challenge keeps asking for my favourites I don’t really have a choice xD. 5 Centimeters Per Second has insanely detailed animation and art which is simply beautiful. This is the sort of anime where most of its individual frames could be used as wallpapers if you wanted. Not only that, but in each chapter (it’s an hour long, separated into three chapters of the MC’s life), the art style changes, reflecting the tone of that chapter and how the charaters see the world. Shinkai said this himself in an interview, and looking back, it’s very noticeable. The man’s an artistic genius in this sense, and is the main inspiration I had for starting digital drawing.

Yeah, I’m not great at “best” anythings really. So I turned this into a top three, in so real order. There are others that I want to point out, but i won’t for my own sake and yours.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “5 Centimeters Per Second, among others – (Top 3) Anime With The Best Animation (30 Day Anime Challenge #16)”

  1. Ooh fascinating, for me I think I’d choose
    1. No game no life- the animation is unique and sparkles!
    2. Beck (mongolian chop squad)- a very interesting texture, almost as if the colors were drained a bit, but keeping it realistic.
    3. Garo- damn, if this isn’t some of the best utilized CGI in anime I don’t know what is.

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