Satoshi Fukube : An Anime Character That Gets On My Nerves (30 Day Anime Challenge #20)

I almost went and did a post on Sakura just then, but I thought I’d try something more original. Many of you will have watched the recent series Hyouka. Whilst I otherwise liked the Houtarou’s best friend, he went and revealed himself to be a really irritating and selfish person.

I’m not sure if it annoyed me even more that Oreki never actually punched this guy.

angry devil is a part timer
An illustration of my feelings toward this character.

So, Satoshi likes Mayaka. Mayaka likes Satoshi.

So, towards the end of Hyouka, the sort of ‘one-sided love’ situation between Mayaka and Satoshi is somewhat explained. Mayaka likes Satoshi, and this fact is out in the open with the entire friend group that makes the main cast of the series. For a beforehand unexplained reason, Satoshi doesn’t return these feelings. Anyway, after Satoshi hides some chocolate biscuits that Mayaka lovingly makes him just so that he doesn’t have to reject her or make things awkward, Houtarou finally has a go at him. Satoshi finally explains that, when he was younger, he used to be obsessed with winning. Only problem was, he wasn’t talented at anything. By now,  he had given up trying to be the best at anything and took solace in having a much more relaxed attitude to life.

This is where I got annoyed.

He says that he loves Mayaka back but is too much of a pussy to leave his little comfort bubble and become obsessed in her.

palmtop taiga angry
“Are you f**king serious?”

I honestly wish Taiga existed in this anime just to kick some sense into this boy.

I mean, how can you be happy running away from even the slightest commitment like that?! Having said that, I guess a lot of people are afraid of commitment, but I don’t think anyone really doesn it in such an infuriating manner. I mean, it isn’t even your standard commitment issue, but I’m not really sure what else to call it. Mayaka spends the entire bloody series expressing her love for Satoshi, trying to get him to like her back and it turns out he already liked her back, he’s just too selfish to accept her feelings and get together with her. He’s a scumbag, really.

I’m aware that he says the whole ‘maybe, someday,’ speech but let’s be serious: that is no kind of conclusion to treat your watchers with after following twenty-one episodes into a series. But that’s a problem Hyouka has as a series which I’ll be delving into in a little more detail in a later post.

I hope you weren’t offended by the language used in this post. Most of the time I refrain from swearing because I take into consideration those who don’t appreciate that kind of verbal behaviour. But cut me some slack, the Challenge asked me to describe my irritation at a character that irritates me, so I just needed to express that to the full, albeit with a little humour involved.

I don’t own the images used in this post.


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