Shikamaru vs Hidan – Best Fight In Anime (30 Day Anime Challenge #26)


Oh. My. God. This is why Shikamaru is my all-time favourite character in Naturo. He’s just so damn clever! And he’s so cool! He’s just a great guy all-round who went and beat somebody who was INVINCIBLE with a pretty bloody good power, along with another guy and the same TIME!

The situation

Shikamaru and his crew run into Hidan and this other guy who are both seriously strong. Shikamaru goes off on his own to fight Hidan. Hidan’s power uses his even the tiniest drop of his enemies blood to ‘lock’ his power onto them. He then attacks himself and the damage he does to himself is also done to the enemy. Of course, hidan is absolutely fines because he’s invincible. Through a little scheme with Kakashi, uses Hidan’s own power against him to kill Hidan’s partner in crime before going on to wipe the floor with Hidan himself.

Hidan_vs_Shikamaru (1)


What a badass

Basically, Kakashi sensei catches some of Kakuzu’s blood in a vial. Then, when in close quarters combat with hidan, uses his ninja precision to cause Hidan to cut the vial and get the blood on his scythe whilst he was attempting to cut Shikamaru’s face. Then he perfoms the ritual and Shikamaru ‘plays along. Eventually, Hidan mistakenly wrecks Kakuzu, who dies, and Shikamaru fucking blows the shit out of Hidan and buries him, avenging the death of his beloved Asuma Sensei like an absolute BOSS.

I know: that wasn’t the most entertaining of summaries, but you get the idea if you don’t care about spoilers and you already know if you’ve seen it xD.

The moral of the story is, Shikamaru is the best character in Naruto so deal with it.


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