Hmmmmmm… Something’s not quite right. My thoughts on the Ore Mongoatari live-action and the series in general.

DISCLAIMER: Before I start, I just want to say that despite the problem I am about to discuss, I have huge hopes for this movie.

I applaude the production company’s efforts to find somebody in the Japanese acting community who has both a resemblence (remote resemblence) to our beloved character, Takeo, and good looks. But I feel like this is where they go wrong.

ore monogatari live action


Ore-Monogatari-Live-Action-Movie superthumb

I know it might be a little hard, but they could have found an actor with similar looks to Takeo. Take me, for instance: I have lips that do come somwhat close to this Takeo’s, so I know that his character design isn’t all that unrealistic (take those last three words very loosely); but this guy’s are waaaayy too small.  Not only that, but he is still fairly ‘coventionally good-looking’ if you get my drift. I get that this makes it easier for an audience to get attached to their protagonist – it’s basic human nature – and let’s face it: all films are guilty of this. But still, he still looks too ‘polished’, and the baggy trousers do little to hide his relatively unbulky figure. He doesn’t stand out as obviously as Takeo in the anime, damit Dx!

What a great guy.

A lot of the jokes and even sections of the story (including the premise) are based on his being – well – ugly, bulky and intimidating (obviously debatable, but that seems to be the general concensous from characters and other random background people in the anime). By that merit, I think the production company and director should have just gone all out and really make an effort to find somebody who captures the essence of Takeo’s character more entirely, rather than focusing on pleasing the general public by putting good looks further toward the top of their casting agenda.

I’ll commend them for getting the head shape uncannily similar though.

Other than this little problem I have other than th fact that Yamato’s hair is black now, this won’t stop Ore Monogatari from making a great feel-good live-action movie. I really love this series and it’s on the top of my ‘to-review’ list as soon as it finishes. I think I can go so far as to say it’s my favourite straight-up romantic comedy anime I’ve ever seen. That isn’t much thought, considering that I can count the number of rom-coms I’ve watched on one hand. I really do love it though, and hope the film is just as good as the anime. Minus the fact that it’s only movie-length of course. Honestly, the way it’s been going, I could have watch this series forever. I mean obviously they couldn’t keep making up episodes as good as the ones released so far this series forever, but just let me dream, dammit!


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