Pokemon – An Anime I Wish Was Real (30 Day Anime Challenge #29)

There’s a reason why everyone always says this. Apart from Team Rocket, there’s pretty much ZERO WORLD PROBLEMS in the pokemon world x’D. Nuff said, really. If that’s what the world suddenly became, I’d merrily hop on my bike and become a pokemon trainer pretty much right away.

Life would be so simple

4 thoughts on “Pokemon – An Anime I Wish Was Real (30 Day Anime Challenge #29)”

    1. I tried to watch digimon (series 1) but I kinda stopped after episode 7 because it was pretty repetitive so I couldn’t really get into it. Thinking of trying again since you said you liked it. Do you recommend I skip the first arc or is it worth it in the end?


      1. The ending to the first arc is an important turning point, but I understand why you’d think it’s repetitive. The best thing about Digimon is, with the exception of 2, every series is set in a different universe so you don’t need to watch any of the ones before it. If you are still iffy on series one, then I suggest starting with three, it’s my favorite and a lot of Digimon fan’s favorite out of the bunch. It takes it in a new direction, and has great character development by the end you’ll miss the characters. It’s also probably the darkest of all.

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