My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! – series review/final impressions

So this is gonna be a short-ish one guys. I actually finished SNAFU TOO! the day it came out, but I waited a while because to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it had ended or whether it was taking a break. When I realised it had reached its end, I was disappointed because of the ending itself (something I’ll go over in a bit). Other than that, the show was a great watch, and something I couldn’t wait for during the six days of each week that it wasn’t airing 😀 . Read myseason one review here for a better idea of my opinion of the show during both seasons.

Characters & Plot

SNAFU TOO! was, put simply, more of season one, with some nice character development on Yukino and her familia. The arcs and  character drama were resolved in a fitting amount of time as each character was developed some more, and in turn our main character developed a little himself as he reflected on the situation. The drama itself was also done well, and I honestly had no problems with the series prior to the end.


the awkward triple date
the triple date

*Spoilers highlighted in green – but it doesn’t spoil much because there isn’t much of an ending to spoil.

Being a season 2 and all, with no guarantee that there would be another season, I at least expected a climax to all the sexual tension growing between Hachimann, Yukinoshita and the Yuigahama by the end. So the in last episode, Yuigahama organises a three-way date for the trio, and by the end of it, declares war with yukino to win hikigaya’s love (to everyone involved), and rather forcefully tries to get yukino to agree to this, all in a way that can only be described as ‘cryptically’. Hikigay then gives his own little speeech telling Yui not to force Yukino’s decisions like that and to stop being so cryptic and get straight to the point, before going all cryptic himself.

The NOT SO FINAL episode ends with Hikigaya going ‘even if it’s hard, let’s all struggle through this love-triangle together’ in a remotely inspirational but really a ‘blatant cop-out closing speech before we all turn and face the sunset in a classic “life goes on/wish me luck”‘ kinda way that doesn’t really hide itself from being a cop-out closing speech for a cop-out closing episode. Overall, this kinda gives a wishy-washy coclusion but leaves an open-ended plot to be followed through on by kinda maybe a next season. Given how likely that is, even if the source material isn’t finished, I think it would have been sensible to write out an anime-only ending if I’m being honest. It wouldn’t have been a problem if the plot was still developing, but it’s quite clear at this point that the writer is simply dragging this out now for the sake of blleding the series dry of all the potenital cash he can gain from it, which nobody who is engaged in the story likes, especially the fans.


And that’s it. Annoying, right? Especially when the whole series has been moving itself towards an actual conclusion all along.

Also, am I the only one who kinda wanted Hachimann to end up with his teacher?

s1 s2 s3

Soundtrack & Animation

Honestly, the change in animation styles was so different and blatant that it was hard not to notice. Good thing it was nice to watch. While a little too glossy and shiny, making Yukino’s cheeks look like they were painted in egg white (baking reference not sexual reference), the animation was good quality and nice to watch.


Honestly, I can’t say much for the soundtrack really. It was relatively forgettable, but nothing that took away from my experience of the show. It’s a lot of fun, and I reccomend that anyone try it out.


If you watched my review of season one, you could clearly see that I had high hopes for this season. And it did deliver; it just didn’t follow through, causing it to have a weak ending that left me feeling  a little let down. Taking these things into account, my scores for My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! are:

Characters: 8/10
Plot:  7/10 (minus the let-down of an ending, 8.5/10)
Soundtrack: 4/10
Animation: 7/10

Whew! Writing my first review in like two months was honestly a breath of fresh air 🙂 . Sorry I took so long, and I hope you enjoyed this review. I tried to keep it on the more succinct side of things, but drop a comment below and let me know if you enjoyed this review or preferred longer reviews with more elaboration.  See ya!


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    1. Thanks 🙂 , I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for the nomination too.

      Haha fair enough that you ship those two with Hachimann, I woud be happy for either one of them to get together with him at the end too, but I kinda felt that Hachimann and his teacher had good chemistry 😀 .

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