Infinity Dreams Award!

Hey people. Welcome to the last post I’ll do for a little while. I like this award. It doesn’t pressure you to make up loads of questions to ask other people because, to be honest, that isn’t something I’m great at xD.

Thanks to the hilarious Ruki and wonderful Krystallina for both nominating me for this award. If you haven’t met them yet (which you SHOULD), head over to their blogs in the links attached to their names. Ruki, as mentioned is a funny individual with a sense of humor that I can only decribe as a mix of dry, satirical/sarcastic, that she pulls off very well; Krystallina is full of good advice on the latest deals floating around on the web – if you live in North America (unlucky for me, I’m British) then you’ll love this blog and I highly recommend it.

Check out Ruki’s infinity dreams award post here and Krystallina’s infinity dreams award post in the links provided!

My dreams

1: Be a stronger debater.

Who doesn’t love a good dinner time battle royale with the family :D. Not in a negative sense, just the kind where someone makes a simple point about something very subjective and everyone suddenly gets fired up and battle begins with everyone vying to obtain power over the dinner table. Or something like that. I’m half Italian, half indian and both of those families are pretty argumentative and we love to discuss things, and just like in any game, debates get more exciting the more people are involved!

Me and my family after dinner time.
My family after dinner.

2: Write a fantastic book.

Wouldn’t you love to write a fantastic, Ghibli-style epic which just lets you immerse youself into its fantasy world? I sure would. When I had a go at writing some time ago, I realised this wasn’t really my forte. In fact this was probably the most short-lived hobby I have tried because I just couldn’t get convinced by my own writing, which dodn’t do wonders for motivaton. I think this is my own way of saying I’d like to learn how to write T_T . Honestly, though, the moment I get into the swing of it is the moment I change career paths.

3: Read Beserk.

I loved the track ‘Forces’ by Susumu Hirasawa from the soundtrack of the anime films, and I see  Beserk fanboys on the internet all the time preaching about its awesomeness, so I really wanna try it out. But its like 350+ chapters long or something. A little bit of a daunting task, you might say.

4&5 (they go hand in hand): Find my dream job, and have the courage to pursue it.

Sounds generic, right? I’ve never been good and taking risks or making decisions. That means I can’t gauge the amount of time invesment I have to put into something, either. In this context, whenever anyone asks me what I want to do when I’m older, I have trouble answering. In fact, I do what most others do and say the usual ‘I don’t know’ speech, followed by the usual university subject choices spiel. Talking of courses, my indicision has taken me to the point where the subject choice I’m choosing is literally doing more STUDYING. STUFF. Ugh. I wish I knew what I wanted to do and had the confidence to pursue it.

People always tell you that you won’t regret what you do with your life if you do what you love, but it isn’t as simple as that for me. I’m sure a lot of other people feel this way too.


6: Let High School of the Dead continue from its hiatus.

I fucking loved that manga! Sure, it was a little risque, but it was a hell of a lot of fun. I heard that the author is working on a different project at the moment, among other reasons for putting it on hiatus, but basically yeah, I NEEED that manga back. And the cheek with chapter 30 being released, and then nothing. The show must go on.


 What’s key, here, is exactly NOT to take HOTD of the dead seriously. If you do that, I think you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you’re a fan of any kind of survival-genre story.

7: Create something cool with a group of friends.

I don’t really care what, but a  collaboration project with a group of friends making a game or comic or even selling something, anything like that, sounds like a lot of fun. I dunno, I have wierd dreams. I might not call this something as life-changing as a dream, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.



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HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA I tagged you back!

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Ka-chan from Ka-chan anime reviews

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As always, those listed are all great bloggers who you should definitely check out. I’d also like to thank Ruki and Krystallina again for the nomination. I take aaages to getting round to them but I love them nonetheless!

I hope you enjoyed that post, everyone. And with that, I’m falling silent for a while. I can’t give you an exact figure, but my guess is over a month.


I don’t own the images used in this post.


17 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award!”

          1. HAHA. Don’t feel bad. I have to make this one a bang, but you are right there is only so many dreams I could come up with. I’ll have to sleep on it to get ideas.

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    1. You don’t get 3d blu rays?! And nah, i think most anime fans would love to live in America for all the anime related shops and conventions you get over there 😀

      And thanks krystallina 🙂 I appreciate that.

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