People! Merry Christmas!

Alright, I know it’s pretty late, but I wanted to say it anyway before it gets even more ‘too late’ than it is now, because that would be catastrophic. Well, it wouldn’t, but, you know… It would be a little sad. Remember to comment below about what you got – I got a year’s subscription to Crunchyroll this year so I’m pretty chuffed about that 😀 . And also, let me know about anything amusing that happened to you over the holidays.

Enjoy your presents! Enjoy your Christmas dinner! Enjoy the company of your family and/or friends!

kids on the sloopeFor me, I’ll be staying at my grandparents up North for a few days and then visiting other family on the way back to share the cool shit I got this Christmas, including this weird game where you put a basketball basket on your head and play with another person. We haven’t quite worked it out yet, I’ll be honest, but we’ll get there eventually. If the game allows movement it could revolutionise basketball as we know it.

I’m doing a lot of revision for the coming tests this Christmas though… in fact I just wrote this on a break T_T

Love you all, have a great holiday 🙂 .


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – A fine example of atmosphere.

Hi people ;),
I’m back for the first time in about two months.  I’m not in the mood to make excuses, so let’s just jump right into it :D.

I’ve been rewatching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 with my parents, and enjoyed it’s safe to say that it’s receiving praise all round from us. But there’s one thing that we all agree that really grabs us by the feels and throws us into the world of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – that is, the atmosphere. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 sucked me in, invested me in the characters and never had me unconvinced of what was going on.

Note: this wasn’t a review, but in case you were wondering, this got a solid 8.5/10 for enjoyment – as you’ll probably guess after reading this post  :p .

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