I wish I had a brother like you… Great older brother characters in anime

When you’re watching anime, do you ever see a character and think to yourself: “Damn! You’re so dependable. I wish I had a best friend or older brother like you.”?

Good older brother types exist all around us, and I have a few myself whom I hold dear to me – my real brother, for instance, among others who aren’t immediate family. They are cool, witty and dependable. Most importantly, perhaps, they care about the welfare of their friends and family and would help them out in times of need. To find a person like this is a true gift. But while they may be hard to come by in real life, they are an archetype that crops up a lot in the anime world, and one that, frankly, is one of my favourites.

Not only are these the characters that you can really root for and invest yourself in (and creates some fantastic drama whenever there’s one on either side!), but I find them to be fantastic role models who can teach an indecisive person like myself a few things about life and morality.

So I decided to create a list of them that you guys may or may not have discovered.

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It just meshes well with my soul: Sōtaisei riron

I’m sure most of you love music, and enjoy listening to it. But sometimes we come across an artist which we can listen to practically on repeat for days or more without them becoming boring to us. And holy shit guys: that just happened to me.

Do listen to the included videos for a doubly relaxing, doubly entertaining read~ 😀 . Enjoy!

sotaisei riron


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The Curious Case of Super Saiyan Hair…

A fun fan-theory for the Dragon Ball franchise enthusiast.

Manime Conquest!


Now I wasn’t originally going to post anything until my romance month that’s coming up, but I had the strangest idea that probably has the biggest coincidence of all anime theories that could be speculated that I just had to throw it out there. Basically, in this post I’ll be talking about the Super Saiyan transformations (1,2,3,God, SSG, and even 4,5) and relating them to something that puts a new light on the actual Saiyan evolution.

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Goodness gracious! A couple of series I’ll be following this season.

The phrase “goodness gracious” can only mean one of two things. Bear in mind that these aren’t the only series that I’ll be watching this season, and I’m probably going to be giving more impressions as I go along. But I thought that these two were a good starting point because they managed to juxtapose each other so nicely in that they both made me say ‘goodness gracious’, with an entirely different meaning behind them.

The series I’ll be talking about today are both, in all fairness, shows I’m enjoying, but let me be clear when I say that there are certain standards I’m holding for one which I’m… not holding for the other. These shows are ‘Erased’, and ‘Myriad Colours Phantom World’.

EDIT: I promise I meant to finish this one before it went up. And thanks for letting me know lynlyn; I don’t know if that was intentional but still: thank youu T_T.

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New Year! New years resolution tips ;) .

I know: it’s late, again. Well, I’m sure anyone who’s followed this blog for any period of time is kinda used to this by now. Hopefully you all enjoyed the holiday celebrations, including new year, and thought up some new year’s resolutions.

Be sure to mention your resolutions in the comment sections below! I genuinely find these things really fun to talk about, so feel free to mention what goals you’ve got planned for 2016 🙂 .

I thought that this year I’d do a post on how to make new years resolutions that you’ll be able to complete and stick with, and hopefully feel good about by the end of the year as you walk out a winner.

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