It just meshes well with my soul: Sōtaisei riron

I’m sure most of you love music, and enjoy listening to it. But sometimes we come across an artist which we can listen to practically on repeat for days or more without them becoming boring to us. And holy shit guys: that just happened to me.

Do listen to the included videos for a doubly relaxing, doubly entertaining read~ 😀 . Enjoy!

sotaisei riron


About the artist

Famous for not activley publicising themselves, this mysterious indie band does not allow photos to be taken during live performances and has rejected numerous TV appearances, photo shoots and interviews.

They also do private live performances, which apparently not many people ever know much about. But I do because when I become rich and famous one of the first things I’m doing is hiring these guys out.

But they still release albums and stuff of course, otherwise I never would have been graced with their presence that fateful evening when I discovered them on one of those Youtube playlists. Needless to say, I enjoyed the song thoroughly – but unlike a lot of bands, this wasn’t a one-hit wonder kind of moment for me, and I went on to just listen to one of their playlists for hours. HOOOUUURRRSS~.

They’re an interesting band in that they have really captivating music but it isn’t… ‘invasive’?

Like, it doesn’t have to compete for my attention, and listening to this artist feels like clicking with a person and discovering a good friend – I just naturally warm to it; it matches my rhythm. It meshes well with my soul.

And that’s ultimately what makes an artist great for me. It’s like doing a three legged race and just working completely in unison with your partner. The coordination levels between us are through the roof and we win the race with flying colours.
– In fact, I’ve been working to their music all week.


I hope you like it: I’ll be doing another post like this next week, too!

Stay safe, guys. You’ve got another post coming up this week to make up for the radio silence this past weekend 🙂 . If you’re new here, then check out my other stuff. You might be interested in a post I reblogged from my good blogger-friend librarian25 about their fan theory of the TRUE MEANING OF DRAGON BALL HAIR EVOLUTION. Check that out here, and check Librarian’s blog out here for more entertaining stuff.



P.S.: If you like their stuff, consider buying their albums on amazon (and probably elsewhere).


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