Feeling happy? Sad? Ecstatic? In love? Listen to some Suneohair.

suneohair space suit
Suneohair = cool

Hi guys. Today I’m here to preach another favourite japanese musician of mine, Suneohair. As you can see above, he doesn’t try to take himself seriously and often uses his music videos to tell an interesting story.

I discovered Suneohair through the fantastic character-driven slice of life, Honey and Clover. Suneohair did both endings for the series (titled ‘Waltz’ and ‘Split’) and they were both great songs, capturing so well the transient, bittersweet feeling of life’s individual moments that we experience throughout the anime.

Suneohair also did the ending for Say I love You, titled Slow Dance, which I became hooked on as soon as I discovered it, and by the looks of it a lot of Say I love You fans as well.

His style is very ‘rock’y and it works well for him. Each song has its own style and they are all generally passable at the very least, with a surprisingly large number which I would also consider ‘favourites’ in their own sense, depending on what mood I’m in. I suppose what it amounts to is that Suneohair has written songs for many of life’s moments, giving his music a kind of relattable feel, like a friend you can calmly sit back and talk to about pretty much anything, and who smiles, nods and understands you.

(One of said favourites)


That’s all from me today – I hope you enjoy his stuff like I did. Let me know in the comments what your favourite artist is in the comment section and we can talk about it – maybe it’ll pop up i the next post too :).


5 thoughts on “Feeling happy? Sad? Ecstatic? In love? Listen to some Suneohair.”

    1. Thanks buddy :), I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Just spreading the love xD.

      I don’t do many music posts but since this is an anime-centred blog I thought I may as well stick in some Japanese music-related stuff too. I don’t follow many artists per se, but I come across a few Japanese artists because I can work to them really well (I can’t understand the lyrics so they don’t compete for my attention).

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  1. HAHA sebbo, I didn’t realize that you also watched H&C (and liked it) even though both of us (supposedly) can’t watch SOL! Annnnnnd I didn’t even see this post before I wrote my reply to your comment AHA xD Incidentally, ‘Waltz’ and ‘Split’ are two of my favourite songs – so many feels, and so suitable for H&C!

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    1. Lol, yep, you messed up big time xD. It’s funny isn’t it xD. I feel like a liar now after I shittalked slice of life like that hahaaaa.
      That’s awesome Shiroyuni! Yep, they really fit the overall mood of the show :). The final scene made me tear up a little, but I think the ending was really sweet though.

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      1. Hahaha yeah, and really coincidental lolll. Aha I didn’t think of Honey & Clover too through all that trashtalking either. xD Probably because it never registered as SOL for me lol.
        I think I teared up throughout major points in the series (which I actually can’t recall very well now ahem, probably time to consider rewatching it!) I just know that when I hear the songs a wave of nostalgia and sadness sort of washes over me … xD Very bittersweet ending I agree.

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