Tadaima~ – A quick update: Sebbo12 is recovered and ready to blog again.

Hi people, how are you all doing? Good, I hope.


Those who followed me before (and still remember me haha) will probably know me – amongst what I create – as that guy who goes on random hiatuses multiple times a year and utterly fails to stick to any kind of system or schedule he comes up with. Well, I’m back. And with a new schedule: no schedule.

"Oh. So you chnged nothing then."Oh. So you changed nothing. That’s nice ^^ .

After some thought, I realised I always end up burning myself out a bit and focus too much on being stressed out by my not keeping to schedule, and it just becomes no fun. I stop being able to just relax and think creatively which makes a lot of my posts standard, by-the-numbers posts – which are great if you do them well, but I feel that my writing isn’t yet up to standard.

So I’ve decided to concentrate on releasing posts whenever I come up with something I find amusing or relatively original, and working on my writing (offline), which means I may only be posting fairly slowly (once or twice a month).

sweating“Wait  –shit-   w-was that too many?”


Anyways, not that you’re all interested or anything, but I may as well fill you in on what I’ve been up to. So my exams ended, and since then my dad’s company started getting pretty busy so I volunteered to help my beloved Otōsan with work. I’ve also been doing prep for going to university (hopefully) and “doo-do-rooo” (shut up Mayuri) my TRIP TO THE ANIME HOMELAND.

himoutoUuuuuaaaahhhh-I’M COMING HOOOOOMMMEEE!!!!

Which I’ll be posting about when I go and possibly beforehand :).

In my spare time I recently got into the Total War games – namely Rome 2 if that’s relevant to anyone reading. In summary it’s a strategy game, and a pretty fun one at that! I’ve also been reading “The War with Hannibal covering the 2nd Punic War between  Rome and Carthage to just add some depth to the game (set around similar times) and I’m trying to get round to creating some art for the site :).


I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how great the last couple of seasons of anime have been, with great series like Sakamoto and Re:Zero (oh my God that series – fangasmic convos in the comments below are much welcome).

What have you guys been up to? Let me know down in the comments!

That’s all from me though. I’ll be back fairly soon with some tasty content for you all to sink your teeth into.




6 thoughts on “Tadaima~ – A quick update: Sebbo12 is recovered and ready to blog again.”

  1. Yay! You’re back 😀 Good ta have ya. I too have been blogging on and off lately. My recent post was how I started my manga collection and how I was able to get it so big. Other than that life tries to tear me away from my lazy couch potato anime watching.

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    1. Cheers man, it’s good to be back 🙂 . Sounds interesting – I’ve always wanted to build a collection as I much much prefer reading manga on paperback but it’s so expensive here.
      Yep, I feel ya. Work and stuff takes me away from anime all too often. This season’s looking great too!

      Liked by 1 person

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