“Why?!” 3 very sad love triangle situations.

I hate love triangles at the best of times. Love triangles make me sad because one person will always lose out, and this upsets me. Not only this, but they create this kind of negative drama where there sometimes didn’t need to be any. This especially upsets me in series where I’ve begun to care about the characters to the point where I don’t want anyone to lose, which can be, well, a little difficult in the case of a monogamous relationship. Even so, often times I come across a series where a love triangle takes form and I’m left anxious and scared for everyone involved, powerless to change the course of events as the story unfolds before my eyes.

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A Friday art post: a cherry blossom in autumn colours

Yeeee I’m BACK.

I’ve been working on a lot of things recently. There’s more to come on the weekend so watch out for that.

I painted this the other day, and it turned out really nice. I still haven’t worked out whether the files I’m uploading have been exported properly but I’m pretty sure this is accurate. This being mainly an anime blog, I’m sure you aren’t surprised to see cherry blossoms here, but my love for these trees actually didn’t originate from my love of anime. Here in Britain, we have loads of these in springtime and, while probably no comparison to Japan, they are pretty much everywhere. This is a tree that’s beautiful from whichever angle or distance you view it. Whether you look at the individual flowers close up of the entire thing from a distance they never fail to show the world that England isn’t nearly as dull as the humorous stereotypes suggest.

Click it to see it in full size – looks way better

As the season becomes more wintery, I’m hoping to present to you all a nice Christmas or winter-themed illustration soon enough!

Until next time, which should be an anime post, take care.