A Friday art post: a cherry blossom in autumn colours

Yeeee I’m BACK.

I’ve been working on a lot of things recently. There’s more to come on the weekend so watch out for that.

I painted this the other day, and it turned out really nice. I still haven’t worked out whether the files I’m uploading have been exported properly but I’m pretty sure this is accurate. This being mainly an anime blog, I’m sure you aren’t surprised to see cherry blossoms here, but my love for these trees actually didn’t originate from my love of anime. Here in Britain, we have loads of these in springtime and, while probably no comparison to Japan, they are pretty much everywhere. This is a tree that’s beautiful from whichever angle or distance you view it. Whether you look at the individual flowers close up of the entire thing from a distance they never fail to show the world that England isn’t nearly as dull as the humorous stereotypes suggest.

Click it to see it in full size – looks way better

As the season becomes more wintery, I’m hoping to present to you all a nice Christmas or winter-themed illustration soon enough!

Until next time, which should be an anime post, take care.



14 thoughts on “A Friday art post: a cherry blossom in autumn colours”

    1. Thank you so much! I really liked making this and seeing how it came out too.

      I made this from scratch (not all in one go tho haha), but i have seen lots of cherry blossoms at home so i had a lot of mental references to work on. Honestly the hardest part is working out how to find the right tools to use to make the desired effect.

      I’ve got a short comic strip in the works right now too, focusing less on polished art so i can get it done quicker but it should be funny. Its based on a true story….


        1. I used a digital art program called “krita”, which i chose because it seems like one of the best free/cheap photoshop alternatives out there. Are you interested in doing some art yourself? If so i can tell you more about my experience with the program ^^


            1. No, I haven’t used photoshop because it’s expensive. I could technically afford the program but I’m (a) not good enough to justify buying it and (b) I don’t do digital art often enough because I am pretty busy haha (hence the infrequent posting on here :P).

              So, Krita is a pretty well-functioning program, but I think one has to be pretty adept at it to utilise it well, i.e. be good at making brushes, knowing how to play with the settings to suit your needs etc. There are lots of free brush packs out there in the spirit of open-source, as well as paid packs, but often they don’t completely work for me. Notably, when I increase the size of a round brush the individual ‘circles’ become obvious as I mix colours and attempt smudging, which is a problem I haven’t had the time to understand and fix just yet.
              The other thing relating to the first point is I feel, like many art programs, one needs a fair bit of time and intuitiveness to get the hang of using it in order to learn the program and use it fully.

              Other than that, I have seen what can be done on it and it seems to have a lot of capability there give one has the skill (both artistically and in terms of knowing Krita) to pull it off. I’d say that this has partly affected my ability to just sit down and play around with it, but I also have very little time (poor tie management 😛 ) to do so.

              Lol, that sounds pretty negative looking over it, but given that you try to prep yourself, i.e. download a few brush packs and take a few hours to get used to it, I think you might be fine. Do you have much experience in art or are you interesting in getting into it? I’m still a bit of a noob myself haha.

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              1. So it’s like Coreldraw. I ever search for it but it is not free program and PS is more professional. I just want a program that can memorize brushes, PS is not convenient and I can’t own Coreldraw so I stop this until I forgot.

                I think Krita is very interesting program. If I have some free time, I might test it. Like you said, it needs time to try this. I never try paint seriously but if it’s free, this might be my chance. Thanks for sharing.

                I like to sketch in paper but never paint in any program (because I lack some necessary tools). I admire everyone who make painting/drawing with program.

                Do you use mouse pen? I’m novice when it comes to painting with program, so I don’t know much.

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                1. YahariBento! Oh my God… I totally forgot about our conversation! So sorry, real life swept me off my feet >< .

                  No problem, it's a pleasure to talk about it since I don't get to do so very often. And thanks, I appreciate that. Digital drawing is pretty hard, but I suppose the trade is that there's a lot more you can do with a lot less haha.

                  Ah, I wish I could have Corel Draw, but I don't really have the money to buy it. Out of all the programs out there it is probably the one I would try first. Most digital drawing programs memorise bushes I think…

                  Yes, I use a tablet. I don't think drawing with a mouse is a viable option (at least not for me). When I decided I wanted to try drawing electronically I scoured the internet for the best/cheapest tablet I could find and eventually settled for a Wacom since they are the most well-established brand out there. However my second tablet is the best one to start with, and I believe would be useful even for skilled artists. It's the Huion H610 pro. It is pretty affordable, especially for the quality. It functions well and has fairly nice textured surface to make it feel more realistic to draw on.

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                  1. Please don’t need to apologize. I can wait. And thanks for recommendation about tablet. I never use it before and draw with mouse is hard (I ever tried it to draw 2koma manga once for a long time). If I buy tablet, I want to make sure that I can use it for a long time.

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                    1. Ahaha good, I just didn’t want to seem odd for dropping off the radar for a while all of a suuden haha.

                      Hahah yes, I remember trying drawing with a mouse back before I knew about graphics tablets and being pretty horrified with the result.

                      Cool, do you still make the odd manga? What was it about?

                      I bought this tablet a while back so there may be new models on the market, so definitely do your research. It is easy to get lost in the masses of tablets out there so it will definitely help to at least use my recommendation as a baseline 🙂 . Glad I could help.


                    2. About manga I drew, it’s black cat (mangaka – Yabuki Kentaro). I got more feedback from others who saw my work. Because they told me it’s fun but it would be better if I drew in paper and scanned it. I didn’t own scanner and tablet would not be exist in that time, so I have no choice, ho ho ho. Well, I would not try draw manga with mouse anymore. Heh heh.

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                    3. Ah, like fan art? Sounds interesting, I wish I could see it. I’ve never read black Cat, what is it about?

                      Ah, that sucks! One day, Yaharibento, one day… >< . Do you go to uni or school? You could use one there?

                      Lol, you and me both.

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