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Today, I have a special post for you: an award post sent my way by the great guy Matt from the blog Matt-in-the-Hat. Matt is someone I consider not only a good blogging friend but a good person, always sending positive vibes through the various places he frequents online, mainly his blog and twitter. I’ve shared some fond memories with him as we tweeted each other in a back and forth when I was travelling in Japan that made said travels a little quicker and more lively, giving me that much needed boost one needs to stay merry when travelling, something which is important for someone like me who tires out relatively easily. He is generally a very warm person who I’m grateful to have met in my relatively eventless life online. His blog very much worth reading and carries the positivity I have talked about above. It’s creative, fun, entertaining and full of personality.Here are my answers to Matt’s questions.


  1. What is your favorite food and why?That’s a tough one. My mum happens to be a fantastic cook and over the years, she’s refined and expanded her family dinner menu to include only good-to-amazing dishes. I’ll go with the one that is perhaps the one that can be eaten most frequently without getting boring, a dish called Pasta e Fazoule, which is basically broken-up spaghetti in a soup with various things in like celery, some olive oil and garlic, onions etc. It’s hard to describe, but the result is a very balanced, flavoursome vegetarian dish that even people who don’t like vegetarian meals particularly, like myself, can really enjoy.If you could have any super power, what would it be?flip-flappers-kv

    I love this question. I’d probably, have the power to turn back time, and abuse the hell out of it. I’m thinking lottery numbers, cheating on tests, pretty much being able to practice until I’m good at everything. I’d be able to waste way more time on videogames, something I’ve kicked out of my for the most part, save forty five minutes or so a day, to make time for more important (to me) things. I could technically work without sleep because I could always just turn time back after sleeping to have all the hours in a day. The whole world would be baffled about how I’m just so clever, athletic and great at winning the lottery, it would be hilarious. Sorry Matt, is that power too OP?

    Do you have a specific song that describes your personality or your life?

    Probably not haha. I’ve got too varied a personality, as do most people I think. I suppose this is explained some more in the next question.

    However, some songs song that does suit many of my philosophies on life and people is expressed in the songs Wise is the Way and Remember Who You Are by Living Legends.

    Do you have a fictional character that inspires you? If not, do you have a real-life person you look up to?

    This may sound silly, but perhaps someone like Kyoko from Yuru Yuri. I would say she is the person that I would, in large part, ideally be like. Or at least half of me. The other half would be serious and responsible. In fact, these two conflicting sides of me are evident, I just don’t do them as well as I could, hence the fact that I aspire to be like these characters. The second would perhaps be someone like Sentaro from Kids on the Slope. I was completely charmed by this character in his mixture of passionate singlemindedness and sincerity in whatever he did. Being someone who loves their family very much, I admire his attitude towards his family, and in part envied his relationship with his younger siblings: although I have none, I have always loved the idea of growing up with a younger sibling. There’s a bunch of other characters I look up to, but I’ll leave it at these two, which both left an impression.

    What is one movie you can never get tired of seeing again?

    I’m not really the type to enjoy watching anything twice, but with time I could probably watch anything again. What it would come down to, in this case, would be how fresh and enjoyable it is every time I revisit it. And the winner of that contest would probably be something like Lord of the Rings. Why? I saw it when I was a boy, and since then it has aged surprisingly well and remains in my mind the standard and example of a “good, strong fantasy film”.

    Have you ever got attached to a show/movie/anime/book so much that it affects you emotionally?

    5 Centimetres per Second is an anime movie and manga (the manga being a more detailed version of the movie, which is an anime movie original) that taught me how truly valuable and transient time is and how desperately I didn’t want to waste it. I would love to go into more detail but I think I’ve talked about it a fair bit on this blog already, so feel free to check out my entries about that masterpiece here and there on the site. 5 Centimetres per Second is a beautiful, deep and emotional story that left me mulling it over in my head for about three weeks.

    What is your pet peeve and why?

    Hate to be generic, but my time management/procrastination is next-level bad. I get tired pretty easily, too, which makes me procrastinate more.

    Do you follow a trend like everyone else when a fad shows up or do you not participate?

    Haha, no not really. It’s a mixture of not having the energy to keep up to date with the world, and the knowledge that these things are constantly coming and going – made most obvious by the hundreds of ‘big’ trends being pumped out by the internet community – that turns me off engaging with fads etc. – again, I’m not exactly high energy person I sort of can’t be bothered to keep up with them.

    Ever thought of doing something you wanted to do but you couldn’t because of some particular reason?

    All the time! I’m a pro fantasiser and have been all my life. From wishing for the entirety of my school life that we had a roof we could hang out on, to all kinds of ‘impossible because we live in the real world’ things, to more often nowadays wanting to write a piece or draw or paint some art that I haven’t the technical ability to accomplish.

    Do you have a favorite color that symbolizes you?

    Brown? I’m a mess of different personality traits, and last time I tried, mixing up random colours generally tends to produce a brownish colour.

    Have you ever read or watched a story and you hated the ending?

    Homunculus is a fantastic manga that, for me was disappointing around the end. This is a piece that is 100% for those who enjoy the journey more than the ending, but for others like me who didn’t enjoy the way it ended not so much. I would personally strongly recommend the piece to anyone who likes psychological stories, mystery and drama. On these fronts, Homunculus is fantastic. However, I felt like the end lacked the sort of punch that the story had in its various arcs, and left me a little underwhelmed. On reflection, I think the end of the story was good in a narrative sense, but the dramatic tones used throughout the story before had perhaps set up my expectations for something grander. I also think that this had something to do with the story dragging itself out a little bit, due to the direction it headed in far into the story that set up the last two or so arcs (although I can’t remember the details anymore).

    PS: this one’s veeery mature and so for the record you should only really read it if you are mature yourself. There are mature themes here including deep psychological issues, sexual themes and violence, and if not disturbing, require a certain mindset to understand and delve into the themes explored. A must read for psychological fans out there.

    My victims:

    hyouka oreki thinking.png

    Mwahahahahaaaaaaa! Those sentenced to answer my questions are:

    Cassidy Cornblatt
    Rocco B
    Michael Blaker
    Ma. Venus Gamboa

    My questions for you:

    1. If there’s one fictional world you could jump into and be one of the characters (optional), what world would it be, and which character would you choose, if any?
    2. Are you a hobbyist about your hobbies or do you dream of becoming a pro in (at least) one of them?
    3. What’s your favourite place to go when you want to be by yourself?
    4. Introvert or extrovert?
      (FUN FACT: introversion can include simply getting tired around people and in social settings, not just being insecure, and extroversion I suppose being the opposite)
    5. Does hype affect you badly? Do you propel the hype or does the hype propel your expectations for a show?
    6. What’s your favourite genre of storytelling?
    7. Do you tend to overplay songs you like, maybe even to the point of ruining it for yourself on occasion?
    8. Do you buy anime merch, or just merchandise of shows etc. that you like?
    9. Have you ever actually fulfilled a new year’s resolution? Be honest.
    10. If you wanted to cosplay a character, who would it be?

The new year always starts with some soul searching. And what better a way to do so than with a blogging award? I look forward to your answers 🙂

See you all later!


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