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Samurai Champloo – Anime review

Samurai Champloo

So one day I was on the bus home from college and I wondered to myself: “When you mix the age of samurai with beatboxing, breakdancing and graffiti taging wars, what do you get? Well, I’ll be damned if I don’t go and find out.”

I found out that they blend together surprisingly well.

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Tekkonkinkreet review!!

Tekkonkinkreet review

Warning: watch the film first – you won’t be disappointed

When I decided to write this blog, I decided to do so because, to be honest, not many people I know share this passion of mine, and those that do usually have different tastes etc. What I’m trying to say is I wanted to express my thoughts and opinions about the anime that I watch with a community that would actually want to listen and enjoy talking about it as well. I wanted to ‘share the love’, per say, and most importantly share the anime that I enjoy the most to other people so that they could enjoy it too. I really enjoyed this anime movie, and so before you read this, I want you to go and watch it first, because to be honest if you read the review and watch it afterwards you’ll walk in with such high expectations that I feel like it’ll ruin the impact a bit. There aren’t any spoilers in this review, but the amount of merit I gave the film for being awesome would take away the impact in a similar way that spoilers do.

It’s only a film-length film if you get my drift, so it won’t even need to give the usual time-investment that watching an entire anime series requires, so go away and watch it first – you won’t be disappointed!


Now for the review!

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