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Pokemon – An Anime I Wish Was Real (30 Day Anime Challenge #29)

There’s a reason why everyone always says this. Apart from Team Rocket, there’s pretty much ZERO WORLD PROBLEMS in the pokemon world x’D. Nuff said, really. If that’s what the world suddenly became, I’d merrily hop on my bike and become a pokemon trainer pretty much right away.

Life would be so simple

Shikamaru vs Hidan – Best Fight In Anime (30 Day Anime Challenge #26)


Oh. My. God. This is why Shikamaru is my all-time favourite character in Naturo. He’s just so damn clever! And he’s so cool! He’s just a great guy all-round who went and beat somebody who was INVINCIBLE with a pretty bloody good power, along with another guy and the same TIME!

The situation

Shikamaru and his crew run into Hidan and this other guy who are both seriously strong. Shikamaru goes off on his own to fight Hidan. Hidan’s power uses his even the tiniest drop of his enemies blood to ‘lock’ his power onto them. He then attacks himself and the damage he does to himself is also done to the enemy. Of course, hidan is absolutely fines because he’s invincible. Through a little scheme with Kakashi, uses Hidan’s own power against him to kill Hidan’s partner in crime before going on to wipe the floor with Hidan himself.

Hidan_vs_Shikamaru (1)


What a badass

Basically, Kakashi sensei catches some of Kakuzu’s blood in a vial. Then, when in close quarters combat with hidan, uses his ninja precision to cause Hidan to cut the vial and get the blood on his scythe whilst he was attempting to cut Shikamaru’s face. Then he perfoms the ritual and Shikamaru ‘plays along. Eventually, Hidan mistakenly wrecks Kakuzu, who dies, and Shikamaru fucking blows the shit out of Hidan and buries him, avenging the death of his beloved Asuma Sensei like an absolute BOSS.

I know: that wasn’t the most entertaining of summaries, but you get the idea if you don’t care about spoilers and you already know if you’ve seen it xD.

The moral of the story is, Shikamaru is the best character in Naruto so deal with it.


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Satoshi Fukube : An Anime Character That Gets On My Nerves (30 Day Anime Challenge #20)

I almost went and did a post on Sakura just then, but I thought I’d try something more original. Many of you will have watched the recent series Hyouka. Whilst I otherwise liked the Houtarou’s best friend, he went and revealed himself to be a really irritating and selfish person.

I’m not sure if it annoyed me even more that Oreki never actually punched this guy.

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5 Centimeters Per Second, among others – (Top 3) Anime With The Best Animation (30 Day Anime Challenge #16)

This is always a fun topic for me. When watching an animated piece the quality of animation can affect the story in more ways than just being pleasing to the eye. The animation in an anime is incredibly important because anime is art and it needs to express itself. Good animation represents the story it is telling and the themes it presents us with, and/or simply matching the mood. So it naturally includes good artwork and style. Don’t get me wrong though, being pleasing to the eye is incredibly important in itself simply for allowing us to be immersed in the story.

So for this post I picked out some of the anime with my favourite animation in them taking the above factors into consideration.

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5 Centimeters Per Second – Saddest Anime Scene Ever (30 Day Anime Challenge #12)


Just writing this post made me sad. 5 Centimeters Per Second is the most heart-wrenching, depressing films that I have ever watched, but also one of the best I have ever watched in my entire life. Makoto Shinkai (writer and director, among other positions) is a master of human emotions and immerses you in one hell of a story, which I’m finding it very hard to talk about without spoiling the story, which I can’t really do if I want you guys to experience this masterpiece for yourselves.

All I can say is 5 Centimeters Per Second is about time, and tough life circumstances which get in the way of the things we love and the people we love, and how these circumstances affect us, andhow we are affected by the unwavering and relentless passing of time. There are some incredibly important life lessons in this film and I sincerely want you all to watch it.


If a story’s not enough, watch it for some of the best art you’ve seen in an anime, or any media, in your life. The manga is a great read to accompany the film. In fact, I would say it is essential because the mangaka was able to flesh out the story far more than Shinkai did. WATCH IN ENGLISH SUBS BECAUSE THE FEELS ARE LIKE 100X MORE< PLUS THEY MISS OUT SOME FANTASTIC DIALOGUE IN THE END.

I know I haven’t told you about the actual scene yet, but it’s hard to do that for this film without spoilers.

Bring tissues. Thank me later.


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Kira -Best Anime Villain (30 Day Anime Challenge #9)

Hi people – I hate to keep on apologising every time I go completetly quiet for a week or so. I still haven’t got around to doing reviews wither and I apologise for both of these things. I’ve been having motivation issues recently plus my family keeps deciding to go on bloody holiday X’D (not that I don’t love it but it does break up any semblence of a schedule that I have going at home lol).  My results also came out the other day and I got relatively sub-par results so my dad wants me to retake a bunch of exams…

You done? No? Okay.

Yeah, so basically I’m trying to adjust to the amount of time I have left in the holiday with hobbies (I started learning the piano recently – thanks a lot Your Lie in April and Kids on the Slope xD), seeing people, visiting family, going on holiday and now revising for next year and the subjects from last year that I’m going to retake.

Jesus Christ. Hurry up or I’ll break you.


for this little segment I had a little trouble coming up with who to select for my favourite villain. But one absolutely dispicable, amoral, selfish bastard of a villain that should come to most minds is Kira, or Light Yagami, from Death Note.

Disclaimer: I never finished this story but I know pretty much what happens from spoilers plastered over the internet. Why? Put simply, Light Yagami was simply too dispicable to watch. I couldn’t just sit there and let him treat everyone – even his own family – as his pawns.I couldn’t take the fact that he treated his father and sister the way he did even though they cared for him so much and treated him well. It just didn’t sit right with me.


It’s funny, because at the start, I – and probably a lot of readers – was rooting for him. He was doing something for the good of society, and probably saving a lot of money for the countries that would have had to put these criminals in jail. Not only that, but it wasn’t like he was just murdering people everywhere for no aparent reason, either.

I know it’s just a story but there are a lot of films that I stop watching too where I find it too painful and depressing to watch. It’s because I like to get really into a story to experience it to the full.  And when you get a series as well-written as Death Note, I can’t help getting so invested in it xD .

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow to compensate for all this time I have been absent from the blogoverse (just made that up, so don’t try and call me out for it ;D ).

See ya 🙂 .

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My Favourite Anime Couple – The 30 Day Anime Challenge continues! (Day 8)

Hello everyone, it’s been a while! Why? Well: you know how it is working at a magazine – people screaming across the table and waving pieces of paper at each other above their heads like madmen. Just kidding – I actually got there at the start of the week right after the previous issue had been released. Anyway, this ain’t no work experience blog, so let’s get down to business! Here’s a clue…

*Ahem*: Drumroll please.

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