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Sunshine blogger award

Today, I have a special post for you: an award post sent my way by the great guy Matt from the blog Matt-in-the-Hat. Matt is someone I consider not only a good blogging friend but a good person, always sending positive vibes through the various places he frequents online, mainly his blog and twitter. I’ve shared some fond memories with him as we tweeted each other in a back and forth when I was travelling in Japan that made said travels a little quicker and more lively, giving me that much needed boost one needs to stay merry when travelling, something which is important for someone like me who tires out relatively easily. He is generally a very warm person who I’m grateful to have met in my relatively eventless life online. His blog very much worth reading and carries the positivity I have talked about above. It’s creative, fun, entertaining and full of personality.Here are my answers to Matt’s questions.

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My Free Spirit Award nominations!

Hi all, I’d like to thank you for reading the post the other day, and for your positive responses to it. I appreciate the support guys 🙂 . Sorry this was late by the way: I had a busy day yesterday and so it got too late to write this.

My topics/phrases for those wonderful nominees are “travelling”, and “snacks”.


My nominees are:

Shiroyuni from The Limitless Imagination

Librarian25 from Manime Conquest!

Ruki from Wanimu

Rocco B from In the Cubby Hole

Ka-chan from Ka-chan Anime Reviews

Row from Rrowbite

And renxkyoko from Renxkyoko’s Space






Hilariously Late Liebster Award Post

“I’m just being fashionably late!” is what we English speakers say on occasions like these xD (I don’t know, do people say that overseas as well?). Seriously, sorry lynlynsays, didn’t mean for this to take so long. Lynlynsays is someone I have been following on WordPress for a while, and her posts and reviews are pretty funny and entertaining to read. Check out her awesome Liebster Award post, or her equally great blog via the link given.

Also, you might want to note that I wrote this on holiday. I tried editing it accordingly, but half my answers wouldn’t make sense and it would lose all its magic if I just changed it from present to past tense. So just forgive that and just read it as if I were still on holiday. if you’re confused that I’m back at school already and all that jazz.

liebster award rules

Lynlynsays’s questions:

If you could describe your personality in three words, what three words would you use? And why those words?


Do you have a pet peeve? If so, what is it?

When you’re sharing a bed with someone and they hog space, or when you hog space in your sleep and they rudely wake you up, or they somehow manage to get al tangled up in the douvet and your there, in your underpants, freezing to death.

Sorry. Me and my brother have been sharing this week. I’m on holiday in southern France at a family friend’s. That last one hasn’t happened this holiday, though – it’s bloody boiling here. I had a nosebleed last night.

Do you think out loud?

Haha, yeah I do actually. I have an internal present-tense monologue going too where I sort of talk to myself in real time. I think it’s one of those things where it sounds insane, but it isn’t all that wierd.


Do you listen to music while you blog? If so, what genre of music?

I do sometimes, but it depends on the post (and my frame of mind). As I’m typing this, I’m listening to the Straight Outta Compton album (I know, the film reminded me to finally listen to these guys), but most of the time the genre I pick is anime songs – mainly openings and endings – to get me in the zone xD. The truth is, music slows me down and reduces my concentration, especially when the music’s goo, so when I need to focus on my writing, I just turn the music off and get right into it.

If you could make a “Soundtrack of Your Life,” what five songs would you put?

Wow, these are some deep questions you’re asking here, lynyn 😛 . Let’s see. Don’t laugh, okay?
Hittori Bocchi – I went through a few years of self-hatred and depression. It isn’t something I normally talk about because it’s something I’m a little self-conscious about. It isn’t something to be ashamed about, but I don’t talk about it a lot because I don’t want to blab on about my ‘dark past’ and come across as someone just trying to get you guys’ sympathy. This song, though, is something that holds a lot of meaning to me. Welcome to the NHK is a good series about stuff like social anxiety etc. and I already did a post going into this further. Likewise, this song, taken from the series’ soundtrack, captures that mood beautifully without actually being depressing to listen to.

Have you ever went karaoke? Did you like it, why or why not?

No, but I’d love to. To be honest I wouldn’t really have had the balls to do it until recently, but it sounds like a lot of fun. It’s one of those things that every nerd interested in Japanese culture and anime wants to try out. It’s almost like a right of passage for an ‘otaku’.

Coffee or tea?

Tea, definitely. I like coffee too, but I really hate coffee breath. I remember when I was in secondary school and like half the teachers had coffee breath. It was horrific. I think that is what pushed me away from coffee quite forcefully.

Your top five favorite books of all time (well so far in life)?

I’m not a big reader to be honest, so I’l put down just a couple that I really enjoyed.

When I was a wee little boy, I read this series called ‘Dragon Keeper‘. It’s a really sweet adventure series set in China about a young girl called Ping that has to look after a neglected dragon she finds in the castle she works in as a slave. She escapes with the dragon and a whole adventure (three books’ worth actually) unfolds.

I also recently read Ready Player One, which I think was actually quite a hit, so you may have heard about that one. I wished they explored Wade and the others’ real lives together a little more, though. The anime part of me just wanted one slice-of-life chapter/OVA about it. Just one.

If you could rewrite the ending of a book, anime or manga? Which would it be and why?

I’d rewrite the end of Naruto. I’d make it happen about 100 chapters more quickly than it did, and I’d cut out the final chapter, The Naruto Character Combination Generator. Sorry, but was I really the only one who thought that last chapter was just a poor attempt at fanservicing the maternal/paternal instinct of naruto fans? If you wanna create a romance sideplot, do it correctly. Dont be a wimp and succumb to the stereotype of shounen manga of this Naruto’s genre – develop relationships and then have them have kids. Don’t just introduce 20 new family’s that we never saw coming in a single and FINAL chapter!

If you knew the world is going to end tomorrow, what would you do on your last day?

Well, you could consider it unlucky that I’m on holiday so I can’t say goodbye to anyone back home, like my best mates and everyone. But on the other hand, I’m on holiday near Bordeaux at the moment at a family friends near the beach. Doesn’t spending a beach holiay with your family and looking out from a beach to watch the world’s last sunset sound pretty cool?

Would you meet a blogger (or bloggers) in real life? If so, who and why?

Well, the only bloggers I know are actually those I regularly converse with on this blog. I can’t really say I know them, but they seem quite genuine. I don’t think I would actually go out of my way to go overseas just to meet you guys lol, or be able to. But yeah, not naming names in case I make anyone uncomfortable lol but yeah perhaps I’d meet up with a few of you guys to go to a convention or something 🙂 .

murdoc gorillaz

Facts about me:

  • I once spoke Italian, when I was a kid. However I ended forgetting how to speak it after the age of (around) six years old. I want to learn it again, but it is pretty hard to get properly into.
  • I recently started to relearn piano for the sake of being able to play anime soundtracks that I love. As I’ve mentioned prior to this post, the anime that pushed me over the fence which I was metaphorically on was actually Your Lie In April. It’s going okay so far – I’m learning ‘A Silent Summer’ from the Garden Of Words Soundtrack.
  • I also started to learn to draw and digital paint in order to create wallpapers like those in EVERY FRAME of Makoto Shinkai’s works. Yea, it isn’t working out too well so far. I have only the utmost respect for that man and the art he produces.
  • My favourite colour is Purple, but it isn’t something I enjoy looking at in saturation.
  • I wish everyone dressed like they do in Baccano!.

My questions:

  1. Which anime character(s) that you aspire to be like (no harem characters alowed 😉  )? Give us a little description of who they are for those who don’t yet know them.
  2. Which character are you most similar to? Give us a little description of who they are for those who don’t yet know them.
  3. What’s your star sign?
  4. What were your thoughts on the way Naruto ended?
  5. Favourite soundtrack (can be any genre, from any form of media)?
  6. If you were to be stuck on a desert island for an indefinite amount of time, what piece of music would you want to have keep you company?
  7. What’s your favourite hobby?
  8. What’s your dream job (it can be the same as your hobby, but if it isn’t then why not?)?
  9. What is your hidden talent?
  10. Have you ever been somewhere on holiday and wanted to stay there forever?
  11. Sweet or savoury?

takeo eating

I hope you enjoyed the post. Since I’m not one for breaking multiple promises I think it’s best that I go on a break from blogging for a little while while I get my life on track. I highly appreciate the fact that people come and view my blog and enjoy the things I write, which is why I think you all deserve some semblence of a schedule from me. So, starting next week, I’m going to stop writing for a month or so, and come back with a ton of posts for y’all to enjoy.  Don’t miss me too badly! Before I go, I’ll release a couple of other awards posts that I got nominated in; so you cvan look forward to those as a temporary goodbye gift ;).

I don’t own the images used in  this post.

Having a rest today + 2nd Liebster Award nomination with BETTER RULES

Better rules, you ask?

liebster awards rules

I like the ‘random facts’ bit 😉 .

So that award post yesterday had me beat by the end of it x0 . So… many… questions to answer… and so many to come up with.

And then I got nominated again x’D (tears of pain). Thanks a lot lynlynsays – don’t act like you didn’t know >:) .

Seriously, I love you and thanks for nominating me but I’m dying here :’).

Anyway,  I’m taking the day off to prevent burn-out (don’t look at me like that, I’m a low-energy person x0 ) but to be fair I’ve been posting nearly daily too. Expect the 30 day anime challenge to resume tomorrow, and I’ll do the liebster awardthis weekend or next weekend -sounds excessive, I know, but I’m working all next week and I going to be fairly busy this week. As much as I like telling all of you about myself I also like to blog about all the cool anime and stuff I love to talk about.

Thanks again to lynlynsays. Go check out her blog to see all her awesome posts.

I’m just gonna……..
devil is a part timer tired pdst

I don’t own the images used in this post.

Sebastian gets the Leibster award :D !

liebsteraward logo

First, thanks to Cassidy Cornblatt from Funny Anime Pics for nominating me :). It’s been a pleasure blogging and reading other people’s blogs as the days pass by,especially the steady stream of funny anime memes and pictures coming from Cassidy’s awesome blog. Check it out for a laugh 😛 .

Now for THE RULES!!!!

  1. Thank and link back to your nominator.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees.
  5. Let your nominees know that you have nominated them via social media or their blogs.


1. What was the most recent anime you finished?

That would be Blue Exorcist. Great anime. I was interested in it because I had heard it had its own ending, which if done right is better for an anime with an ongoing manga which I got fed up with and dropped due to inconsistent release dates. Glad to say it was a really good anime. Many thanks to Ka-chan for giving me the final push to go and watch it after I read his review of the series

2. What’s your favourite anime opening or ending song?

That’s a little bit tough, but I’ll keep to just endings for now. In fact I might just need to write a seperate post for that later lol . I think at the moment my favourite ending song is Shiki No Uta from Samurai Champloo. It’s pretty funky and has a bunch of good remixes to it too. Before that it was the ending to Shinsekai Yori (From the New World), Wareta Ringo. Love the guitar for that song!

3. What genres of anime do you prefer?

I’d have to say that my favourite genres include action, comedy and drama. About as general as you can get, I know lol.  I guess it’s easier to list the three main genres I avoid :).

1 – I avoid harem genre anime more likely because I get so envious of the main character who just has this chick magnet attached to him and gets all the babes without even lifting a finger xD.

2 – I tend to avoid ecchi because let’s face it, as BobSamurai (from BobSamurai Anime Reviews on Youtube) says, who wants to be teased for a whole series’ worth of episodes when let’s face it, you could ‘get the job done’ much quicker with a couple of google searches.

3 – I avoid romantic comedy because they tend to focus more on teasing the audience with potential romantic plot developments until themain character messes up spectaularly and all of a sudden we’re back to square one.

At the end of the day, as long as the characterisation, plot and character development is good I won’t complain 😛 .

4. How much time do you spend watching anime each week?

Ahhhh… too much at the moment. I’ve just been way too into blogging and anime recently. They are my main hobbies to be fair.

5. How do your friends and family feel about you watching anime?

You know,my brother and cousins have all watched it before and have no real prejudices towards it. My mum doesn’t really mind either. My dad on the other hand only really accepted it once I started blogging because he saw it as a way to improve my writing and stuff, which it has, and that’s something I’m very grateful for. I’m able to talk to people and write about things more easily as I improve my writing skills which is great 😀 . But before this my dad used to actually tell me that I was becoming a shut in or ‘manga boy’ as he so loved to insensitively put it, which did upset me a little.

It’s alright though – he was only just worried about me, which is understandable coming from his perspective as a parent. And everything’s cool because I’ve proven to him that anime fans can have other hobbies AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT FRIENDS hahahahaaaaaaaaaa :D.

6. Have you ever cosplayed?

Actually no, and I’ve never been to a con either, which are both things I’d really like to do. In fact, last year I remember looking for a coat like Izaya Orihara’s (which looked a little more realistic/less ridiculous in real life than the cosplay ones) just so I could dress like him. You know why?

The man has swag.

Same for everyone in Psycho Pass when they dress up in suits.

7. Do you buy merchandise for your favorite shows?

Actually I bought my first one today – a wall scroll poster of Yuuko from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, whichI read the manga for and plan to watch the anime because it looks awesome.

8. What was the funniest anime you’ve ever seen?

daily lives

YEEEEESSSS!!! Daily Lives Of High School Boys anyday. That anime had me laughing through a day long hangover that confined me to bed. It hurt to even walk around. I don’t know whether headache pills or this helped me out more.

9. What was the weirdest anime you’ve watched?

Hahaha, that would have to be Paranoia agent :). I, and probably everyone who ever wathced this, finished the anime with the biggest feeling of just ‘WTF did I just watch’ that I’ve possibly ever felt in my life. But that’s part of the charm – learning about the message of this anime and all of Satoshi Kon’s other works is what makes them so deep and interesting. Watch it if you haven’t (and if you are old and mature enough to handle the mature themes discussed and shown thrughout the series like suicide, perverts and prostitution).

10. Have you ever gotten into a heated argument about anime?

Actually, I don’t really have that many friends or aquaintances who both like anime and get into heated arguments about it, so not really. I’m also a bit of a pacifist, so I actually find it difficult to get into arguments like that haha.

11. Do you have anime openings and endings in your music library?

I don’t have a music library to be honest. I don’t think my dad would be too happy with me buying songs off the iTunes etc. individually and he never let me download music off file sharing sites because you can’t know how secure they are and you never realised that the file you downloaded carried a virus until you have it yourself. Hell, the person sending it might not have known. And that’s why you should be careful next time you download movies illegally kids 🙂 .

liebsteraward logo


Just a blog – one of the things I love about this blog is its beginner’s guide series – check it out

Nerd Cannon Operational – nice and concise, NCO is a nice blog for a quick summary review of a series.

ZAITAKUGIRL – I love of ‘discussion’ blog articles because they spark conversations between readers and engage me more in what I’m reading. As such, I’m a fan of zaitakugirl’s character talks and other discussion articles.

Central Nerdvous System – for some great and interesting manga reviews/discussions, especially the more psychological ones :).

Nine degrees in Tokyo – for some good anime reviews, go to this blog. NDIT does relatively short reviews andgets down all the important details.


1. Favourite side-character in anime?

2. What other hobbies are you into?

3. How did you get into anime?

4. If an Anime Casual is a 1 and Anime Elitist is a 10, then how far up the scale are you?

5. Most heart-wrenching anime ever watched?

6. If you could be a part of an anime world, which would you enter (generic I know)?

7. Do you believe in the supernatural? If so, then why, and what evidence would it take to disprove it to you? If not, why not, and what evidence would it take to prove it to you?

8. Who’s your anime crush?

9. Favourite anime-related memory?

10. Do you like to write your own manga/stories/music etc.?

11. What’s your biggest phobia?