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Sunshine blogger award

Today, I have a special post for you: an award post sent my way by the great guy Matt from the blog Matt-in-the-Hat. Matt is someone I consider not only a good blogging friend but a good person, always sending positive vibes through the various places he frequents online, mainly his blog and twitter. I’ve shared some fond memories with him as we tweeted each other in a back and forth when I was travelling in Japan that made said travels a little quicker and more lively, giving me that much needed boost one needs to stay merry when travelling, something which is important for someone like me who tires out relatively easily. He is generally a very warm person who I’m grateful to have met in my relatively eventless life online. His blog very much worth reading and carries the positivity I have talked about above. It’s creative, fun, entertaining and full of personality.Here are my answers to Matt’s questions.

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Kuroko no basuke – Extra Game first impressions + a small shounen manga/anime rant

When the all-star American basketball team, Team Jabberwock, have their first international game against Team Strky of Japan, they absolutely demolish them before trash-talking the entire country about its basketball players in an incredibly offensive and racist tirade – to the audience’s own faces. Kuroko, Kagami and the generation of miracles decide to show Team Jabberwock what Japanese basketball players are really about.

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My thoughts and first impressions on Naruto Gaiden

Now, when I finished the final and kinda disappointing chapter of Naruto was all read and done, I noticed the whole “But next Spring..!” thing and you know what? I was somewhat relieved. Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t excited either, given how horribly dragged out the series got, to the point where, half way through the war they were fighting a giant sand man with oil and shiz, and I was literally reading it to see it end.

But I was relieved because I saw this new series as a chance for Masashi Kishimoto to go back to the series’ roots of badassery and humour, and perhaps give us a better-told and better-thought-out storyline this time around.

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