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Tekkonkinkreet – The Minotour

And so, finally I can present to you my first ever ‘proper’ illustration, done using a nifty little program called Krita. It’s the Mitnotour from Tekkonkinkreet, a pretty cool character. If you haven’t seen it, then see it. It has mystery, lots of suspense, a feeling of nostalgia and inertia and a deep and layered plot involving change, moving on and a plethora of other themes.

Krita, the program I used to create this, is free and open-source, so if you, too, like to do your artwork on the computer then I highly reccommend this program as an alternative to programs like photoshop or Manga Studio. They all have their merits but this program is a nice all-rounder – one of the best that £0 can buy you :). It works with major graphics tablets like Wacom and my Huion H610 Pro, and is pretty powerful so you can do a fair bit on there.

minotour png


Summer Wars

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard

As much as the Great British weather tries to convince us otherwise, summer is finally on its way. And so what great timing to post this review of an animated film that I really should have watched sooner: Summer Wars!

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