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Fan art Friday: Samurai Champloo – Pool Party!

Here it is! ON time (-ish) this time. I already mentioned this before but I’m still a noob at drawing, especially on a graphic tablet. It’s a whole different experience, really. I’m not that much better on paper but I can do it a lot more easily, ya know? Anyway, it was pretty fun.

If any of you guys reading this enjoy doing your own fan art, don’t hesitate to send me yours 🙂 – it’s nothing serious, I just wanted to share the enjoyment among other fans so it’s more fun 😛 .

sam champ


Discussion post: An anime that means a lot to you?

Hi guys, just something I was thinking about over the last few days when considering buying a few series of anime for the first time as a hard copy (I’ve always streamed).


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Anime review: Barakamon

Overall enjoyment rating: 9/10
Would reccommend to anime watchers and non-anime watchers alike!

The short-fused calligrapher, Handa, punches an aged, crippled gallery owner in the face and is ‘sent’ (exiled) to a small island to cool off and mature a little as a person. Having never been outside of the city before he has no idea what this countryside island will be like. The people are chummy and intrusive, kids constantly pester him and we watch in hysterics as Handa tries to adapt to his new temporary home.

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