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I wish I had a brother like you… Great older brother characters in anime

When you’re watching anime, do you ever see a character and think to yourself: “Damn! You’re so dependable. I wish I had a best friend or older brother like you.”?

Good older brother types exist all around us, and I have a few myself whom I hold dear to me – my real brother, for instance, among others who aren’t immediate family. They are cool, witty and dependable. Most importantly, perhaps, they care about the welfare of their friends and family and would help them out in times of need. To find a person like this is a true gift. But while they may be hard to come by in real life, they are an archetype that crops up a lot in the anime world, and one that, frankly, is one of my favourites.

Not only are these the characters that you can really root for and invest yourself in (and creates some fantastic drama whenever there’s one on either side!), but I find them to be fantastic role models who can teach an indecisive person like myself a few things about life and morality.

So I decided to create a list of them that you guys may or may not have discovered.

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Anime half-season review: Durarara X2 Shou – chapter 1

durarara x2 shou

As of watching season 1 of Durarara I became a huge fan of the franchise and I could not wait to see a new series to emerge, but it was never exactly guaranteed, which alone had me periodically checking for news on a season 2 every four months or so xD. So anyway, when I finally heard about the announcement on X2 Shou I was excstatic but this feeling was closely followed by apprehension. What if it didn’t live up to the first season? What if it lost its original charm? There was so much that I had to love season 1 for, including the unique and quirky characters, good characterisation Shizuo and Izaya’s epic fights and just the truly satisfying moments where karma finally acts on certain characters (if you know what I mean) that really made the franchise stand out from the rest. So, with all that said, how has X2 Shou measured up so far?

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