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Fan art Friday: Samurai Champloo – Pool Party!

Here it is! ON time (-ish) this time. I already mentioned this before but I’m still a noob at drawing, especially on a graphic tablet. It’s a whole different experience, really. I’m not that much better on paper but I can do it a lot more easily, ya know? Anyway, it was pretty fun.

If any of you guys reading this enjoy doing your own fan art, don’t hesitate to send me yours 🙂 – it’s nothing serious, I just wanted to share the enjoyment among other fans so it’s more fun 😛 .

sam champ


Samurai Champloo – Anime review

Samurai Champloo

So one day I was on the bus home from college and I wondered to myself: “When you mix the age of samurai with beatboxing, breakdancing and graffiti taging wars, what do you get? Well, I’ll be damned if I don’t go and find out.”

I found out that they blend together surprisingly well.

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